Friday, January 17, 2014

Just 28mm: 15mm Warsaw Insurgents Reviewed!

This is review was made as part of a cooperation between Mighty Miniatures and Wargames News and Terrain regarding the publishing of wargame related reviews. Mighty Miniatures is is a one-man wargaming venture consisting of a modelling and review site plus a second hand market. By this cooperation we can offer you interesting reviews about wargame products of scales and genres we currently don't play and also as experienced by another seasoned wargamer. As these reviews were originally made by the Tomasz over at Mighty Miniatures I cannot answer questions regarding the reviewed products but if you have questions, please comment and I will forward the question to Tomasz. Let's take a look at nice and unique miniatures from Just 28mm, a small new miniatures with serious potential looking at his latest 28mm sculpts.


Recently I have been looking for more armed civilians to add to my Warsaw Uprising army for Flames of War. To my surprise whilst scrolling through Lead Adventure Forum (thoroughly recommended by the way!) I came across just28mm company from Poland that just started selling few of their sculpts. One of the sets was Insurgents from Warsaw in 15 mm scale! Talking about luck, I quickly wrote to the owner and ordered a set. 

The miniatures

So what do we get? 10 models in 10 different poses- 5 rifles, shotgun, pistol, guy with a molotov coctail, petron can and one just with a rucksack. Very good addition to any irregular force indeed! Cost was 5 pounds for 10 models plus nearly 2 pounds postage. Package arrived quickly and well packed. Let’s start with price- 5 pounds per 10 models is not the cheapest offer on market, but it is a very small company and I am happy to pay for that kind of unique offer.

There was no flash, very clean casts (apart from one model that was slightly miscast and been broken at the base, but this one I got for free) and almost no mould lines is definitely a bonus for me, as they require almost no prep work before painting. Size wise they are slightly, but only just slightly bigger than Battlefront stuff, so they will fit in very well. (I took a comparison picture with BF artillery crew model that is on the right).

Poses are dynamic and look natural. My only criticism would be that some of the miniatures seem to be lacking necks with their chins looking almost as if they are tucked in the body. Apart from that I am very happy with the purchase. If you want to get those models, you can buy them here at Just 28mm.

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