Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warfairy: Fierce Jabberwoccor Reviewed!

Here's the review of the feared Jabberwoccor from Warfairy, a fairly new German companiy which is currently releasing a nice range of 15mm gnomes, faeries, treefolk of which detailled reviews can be found here. This Jabberwoccor is part of the bestiary range which will hopefully soon be expanded as this miniature is really nice and also suitable for 28mm. Enough up to the actual review.

The box

The miniature came packed in a bubble packed enveloppe further individually packed in a ziplock bags protected by some foam. I have added a picture of the Gnome packaging which was identical to the packaging of the Jabberwoccor.

The actual miniature comes in several metal parts such as the body with attached wings, head, neck and two legs. As previously mentionned the miniature is scaled 15mm but can easily be used for an 28mm scaled creature as it's quite tall as you can see in the scale comparison.

Picture of the detailled sculpt by Nico

The assembly and the scale comparison

The assembly of the Jabberwoccor is quite straightforward as all the parts are well casted and fit well. As you can see I have based the miniature on a large wooden base so the miniature can't tumble over during play. The miniature was attached to that base using some greenstuff and glue. As for the scale I have added the following scale comparison.

Warfairy Jabberwoccor - Warfairy 15mm gnome - Unknown 28mm Viking

The Jabberwoccor miniature is one of the nicest miniatures available from Warfairy at only €6,00 for an 28mm sized creature suitable for every horror or fantasy setting. The quality of the miiature is splendid as everything from the actual sculpting to the casting is done by the company owner Nico. I can certainly recommend this miniature as a nice addition for your miniature collection. Interested take a look here.

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Gareth said...

They are indeed excellent models and highly recommended. See HERE for my painted Jabberwoccor!

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

very nice, I saw it on the lead adventure forum, would it be ok if I post it in the review with a link to your blog?

Kind regards

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