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Tékumel Project: Mara, Tibetan Demons Reviewed!

Hi, It's time for another miniature review. This time we will take a look at the splendid and rather unknown miniature ranges of the Tékumel Project based on the great works of M.A.R. Barker's Tékumel setting. For thsi review we will take a look at the large and impressive 28mm Mara or Tibetan Demons sculpted by Andrew May. Note that the pictures are clickable for a better view of the details present of these miniatures.

The box

The miniatures came packaged in ziplock bags and were send in a sturdy bubble packed enveloppe from canada. During the transit no part were damaged as the miniatures were all casted in metal and could survive a certain degree of rough handling. The miniatures are all scaled 28mm or 32mm depending if you prefer large demons and are all casted in white metal with only a very small amount of flash on the bodies. As you can see the miniature pack came with 6 large metal demon bodies  in different variants which really tower over regular 28mm miniatures as you can see in the scale comparison. The demon bodies were supplied in a range of poses ranging from standing, attacking and crouching

The miniature pack also came with a head sprue of six highly detailled demon heads in six variants so no duplicates are supplied which is always nice for a small horde of creatures. Another sprue were the hands of which more were supplied then needed leaving over some more bits for the bitsbox.

The miniature pack also came with four weapon sprues containing a nice variety of sacrificial daggers, spears, knives and other unusual weaponry suited for every demon. I really liked the look of the weapons as they really look unusual and unearthly but still usable and recognisable in which weapon they each represent.

The assembly

the assembly of the miniatures was a bit harder than anticipated as it seems that some of the weapons, poses and heads only match certain combination. So it's  it's better to first of all arrange all the miniatures so you don't end up with some strange poses for the last miniatures of the batch. As said previously the miniatures don't come with much flash but benefit from some viling on the parts were you need to attach arms and heads to ensure a tight fit. The actual assembly didn't took so long as I had expected after I had arranged and cleaned the parts. 

You can see I have attached the miniatures to their bases ( these are not included) with some greenstuff ensuring them to be well fixed. As you can seem some poses still look quite unsual but what do you want they are the feared Mara, Tibetan Demons after all!

Scale comparison

As previously mentionned these miniatures really tower over regular 28mm sized miniatures so I have decided to add a comparison picture with some miniatures also based on slotta bases to give you and impression of their size.

Tékumel Project Mara - Heroic GW Catachan Officer - Heroic Kallistra Gangster

The greens

Just found these greens of the demons sculpted by Andrew May on their Garden of Kama development page. Check the details!

The conclusion

To conclude I can only say that I had never heard of this splendid range before which is filled with all sorts of strange creatures and men but all sculpted by the best the sculpting world has to offer and was really surpised by the quality of these miniatures. These particular miniatures were all delivered in top condition regarding the casting quality and the amount of detail on these miniatures. These Tibetan Demons can easily be used in your Fantasy setting or Pulp setting in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal. 

Interested in what more this company has to offer of superb miniatures take a look here and browse the labels for the most unusal miniatures based on the great Tékumel setting. They currently retail for $30.00 and the development of them can be found here.

Dozens of other reviews can be easily found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

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