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DGS Games: Haradelan Questers Starter Set Reviewed!

Hi, It's time for the second review of DGS Games. In the previous review we have taken a closer look at the Black Rose Bandits Starter Set which was nominated for the best Fantasy Miniatures ENnie award organised by the organizers of Gen Con in the US. A review of the Black Rose Bandits Starter Set can easily be found here.

The box

In this review we will take a look at the Haradelan Questers Starter Set. This starter set can be bought to start playing the DGS Games ruleset called Freeblades or any rules you want. As DGS Games is an American company, you would expect a well-packaged package. And do not worry the starterset arrived well-packed and relativly fast considering the vast distance they needed to cover to Europe. 

The boxed set contain seven 32mm white metal miniatures and plastic slotta bases allowing you to immediatly assemble the miniatures. The detail on these 32mm miniatures is excellent and there's also almost no flash present on these well-casted miniatures. As said the box contains seven miniatures, these miniatures form the backbone of your Haradelan Questers warband and can be expanding by buying individual models from the DGS Games Store. The box contains the following: 1 High Questor, 1 Fist of Vidunar, 1 Apprentice Knight of Barek, 1 Apprentice Knight of Tahnar, 1 Militia Spearman, 1 Muster Thresher and 1 Muster Archer. We will take a closer look at these during the assembly part of this review.

The assembly

In the first picture on the right you can see the Apprentice Knight of Barek on the left side armed with a large axe. On the left you can see the Muster Thresher (pose one) armed with a huge flail. As you can see these particular miniatures come in several part but can easily be assembled as all the parts fit well although a bit of sanding is needed to create a good bond for the superglue to attach.

In the first picture on the left you can see the High Quester of Tahnar on the left and the Militia Spearman at the left. As with the previous miniatures, these also come in several parts but are also easy to assembly due to good design and casting.

In the second picture on the left you can see the Apprentice Knight of Tahnar which is my favorite of the lot due to the detail and the pose of this female character. The miniature on the right is a Muster Archer (pose one) and is a solid cast with no additionnal parts. In the second picture on the right you can see the ferocious Fist of Vidunar which is also a solid cast with no additionnal parts. This miniatures is huge and heavy and therefor a nice center piece for the warband. To see the actual size, please continue.

 Assembled Miniatures

Here you can see the assembled miniatures.

Muster Archer and High Quester of Tahnar

Muster Thresher and Apprentice Knight of Barek

Spear Militia

Fist of Vidunar and Apprentice Knight of Tahnar

 Scale Comparison

Here you can see the DGS Games Miniature Fist of Vidunar which is scaled 32mm compared with other fantasy miniatures that are available from other manufacturers. More scale comparison of the DGS Miniatures can be found here.

DGS Games Fist of Vidunar, GW Radagast, CP Models Fantasy  Adventurer, GW Mordheim Youngblood

The conclusion

The conclusion of this review is the same as of the Black Bandit Rose Starter Set as the quality and detail of the miniatures seems to be present in the entire range of miniatures made by DGS Games. As with the other miniatures I can honestly say the detail and character of these miniatures is really good. The casting has been done with great care hich you can surely notice as there's almost no flash and all seperate parts fit. Some fit so good that you can add them without any usage of glue! I would certainly recommend these miniatures as some of the poses and characters are really unusual and would be nice to be used in other settings but you could also try something new and purchase you a nice softback rulebook of the skirmish fantasy rules called Freeblades.

Interested in these miniatures, the great monsters of Faelon and other starter sets? Take a look at the large catalogue of DGS Games and immerge yourself in the world of Faelon becoming one of the many Freeblade leaders in search of glory and fame! This Haradelan Questers starter set now retails for $36.99 with the possibility of buying more miniatures for $6.49 a piece.

Dozens of other reviews can be easily found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!


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