Thursday, July 4, 2013

CP Models: Greater Goblin warriors Reviewed

Three goblin variants
Hi, it has been a while since our latest review, so here's a review of CP Models, splendid Greater Goblin Warriors. The key intention of this review is to check out if these miniatures can be used together with Games Workshops Lord of The Rings Moria Goblins. Interested in how that turns out, please read on.

As said we will take a look at the 20mm Greater Goblin Warriors sold by CP Models. These miniatures are casted in white metal and come with integral flat bases. The goblins come in packs of three models, one of each pole arm variation. The detail of these miniatures is well-defined and there's no flash present on the miniatures received by me.

Scale comparison

Let's take a look at their size compared with some GW miniatures. Despite being sold as 20mm fantasy miniatures, these goblins fit the 28mm non-heroic scale of the Lord of The Rings range made by Games Workshop but are slightly smaller as you can see in the following picture. This means you can build cheap goblin armies for your Lord of the Rings setting although they only come in three variants you can easily convert some of them by adding left over weaponry from the plastic bits box.

CP Models Goblin, GW Moria Goblin and GW Frodo

Prices compared with other manufacturer

Always interested in the cheapest option to bulk out my growing goblin horde, I decided to compare the price of these miniatures with those of the metal and plastic goblins made by Games Workshop. The CP Models goblins retail at £2.80 for three miniature so £0.93 a miniature.

The metal GW Goblins such as the captains retail for £8.20 for four miniatures so £2.05 a miniature! While their plastic goblins retail at £15.00 for 12 meaning a price of £1.25 a miniature. As you can see the CP Models Goblins are way cheaper but only come in three pole arm variations but if you buy enough of these splendid fellows maybe more variations will appear, who will tell.

Painted Miniatures

Interested in how these little chaps look painted? Here's a fine example taken from the CP Models website.


Looking to bulk out your Moria Goblin army or looking for some nasty goblins to inhabit your dungeons. Then search no longer as you can now buy them at very good prices over at CP Models. Despite the lack of different poses, these miniature are well-worth spending your hobby money on as they have fine detail and come with no flash at all, some larger companies can learn something from the casting skills of CP Models! 

Interested take a look at the large CP Models catalogue and make sure to check out all the marvellous ranges in all sorts of scales and settings.

Dozens of other reviews can be easily found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

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