Thursday, June 20, 2013

Warfairy: 15mm Gnome snipers, Rooted Treefolk and Faeries reviewed!

Hi, it's time for another review, this time I will take a closer look to the new 15mm fantasy range of Warfairy, a new German company that's owned by Nico which is the owner and very talented sculptor. You can find his small but splendid 15mm range directly on his website over at Here's a small introduction which can also be found in the about us section on his website: 

"We are based in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and share your nostalgic love for miniatures and tabletop-gaming. If you enjoy fantasy wargaming and are searching for some out-of-the-box minis, you might be browsing the right pages. This store will mainly offer 15mm fantasy and historical miniatures designed for dungeon adventures and mass battles of all sort, the ranges expand by and by and there might be a new range from time to time."

The service and packaging

The service and packaging of these miniatures was great, the miniatures arrived swiftly and were packed in ziplock bags backed with some foam firmly holding them in place. The shipping rates are flat-rate so when buying bulk you can do some serious good deals. The standard rate for Germany is €4,50 while the rest of the world pays only €7,00. Even when ordering from the US or Australia, that's quite a good deal. And if you have some questions you always contact Nico in German, French or English.

The content

The first pack I will be describing is the Gnome Sniper pack containing 20 white metal splendid little chaps armed with deadly sniper rifles, eager to kill some nasty forest creatures. As descirbed previously these come packed in ziplock bags backed with foam, protecting them against possible damage. The Gnomes come in 4 basic poses but in no less than small 12 variations on these poses. In the picture you can some examples of the variations. A pack of 20 Gnome Snipers retails for €10,00.

The second pack were the Rooted Treefolk containing 6 miniatures. I really like these ent like creatures and their facial expression look great knwoing these are 15mm miniatures! These miniatures come in three poses but can easily be modified by carefully bending the branches in other directions or adding some foliage when they are painted up. A pack of 6 Rooted Treefolk retails for €6,00.

The last pack are the Faeries, these swarms of faeries represent adult examples and their siblings called the Leaflets. The detail of these miniatures is as the other miniatures great, you can clearly see different faeries forming up the bulk of the swarm. These miniatures retail in packs of 10 in 4 variations for €7,00.

Scale comparison

Wondering how large or small these splendid miniatures are, I have added a small comparison of the Gnomes, Rooted Treefolk and the Faery Swarms. The other picture shown shows the size of the Faery Swarm compared with a some common currency.

Rooted Treefolk - Faery Swarm - Gnome Sniper

Faery Swarm compared with 1 eurocent and 1 $ cent


Looking for some great 15mm fantasy miniatures? Warfairy has made a promising start of what can be a leading range of 15mm fantasy creatures. These miniatures are all fine examples of the talent of the owner and sculptor Nico and show great detail and almost no flash. Interested in purchasing these miniatures, take a look at the Warfairy website and make sure to check out the great Jabberwocor of which a review will follow soon on this blog!

Dozens of other reviews can be easily found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!


Paul´s Bods said...

I missed his offer recently..but at some pint I´ll definately get the faery swarms and the Jabberwocor.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Looking forward in seeing your painting skills on these great miniatures!


Unknown said...

Hi everybody.
A warning about this producer.
I decided to buy some fairy swarms and treefolk after seeing them here.Unfortunately seller took my money and didn't send the stuff. No reply to emails either.
Thankfully i didn't buy a large amount!
A disappointing experience.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jay, I will send Nico an email with a link towards this comment and hopefully he will offer you a solution.

Kind regards

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