Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CP Models: Fantasy Adventurers Reviewed

Female adventurers
I've recently received these new fantasy adventurers from CP Models for a review. Some may recognise these miniatures as they were previously produced and distibuted by Myrmidon Miniatures. When I openend the package I was really taking by these high-detailled 28mm white metal miniatures! In total the small but splendid fantasy adventurers range exists out of five different miniatures including two female adventurers and three male adventurers including a nice mage.

Male adventurers
The female adventurers who you can see in picture one are armed with a sword or with a staff. These both variants allow you to either have a female adventurers in a more supportive role such as a mage or healer. Or a sword yielding maiden, ready to slash some dungeon critters along with the men folk!

The first two men adventurers are both armed with swords ready to slash some savage orcs while one of them is carrying a lantern. This miniature is my personal favorite of the set as he really shows the adventurer carefully discovering or exploring a dark cave or dungeon. The last adventurer is the obliged mage, able of casting light spells into darkness and weaken the enemy before close-combat starts.

Scale comparison

I have also compared them with the widely available Gamesworkshop Lord of the Rings range which you can see in the pictures. As you can see they are a bit bulkier than the true scale 28mm lotr miniatures but I would dare to use the mage as Gandalf or Radagast!

Painted miniatures

Interested in how they can look painted? I have added this picture from the CP Models website which shows some examples painted by the talented Generulpoleaxe.


These high-detailled miniatures now retails at £2.00 a piece or £9.50 for a set of five, are a must buy for everybody looking for some new dungeon adventurers in a nice variety of characters and weapons. Interested in these or looking for some opponents to fight them, take a look at the CP Models Website.

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Dan Vincent said...

Thanks for that - very helpful. As someone who plays LOTR and a spot of DnD, these look like a good quality but well priced option.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

They surely are Dan, highly detailled and full of character. They are currently my favorite dungeon adventurers.


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