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Offensive Miniatures: US Paratrooper Jeep

Hi, it's time for another review, this time we take a look at the recently released US Paratrooper Jeep made by Offensive Miniatures as part of their great Elite Range. Here's a fragment taken from their website explaining some more about this nice range. This catalogue will focus on the Elite troops of WW2. Our first release of U.S Paratroopers, is now followed by German Fallschirmjaeger.These figures, we are sure you will agree, the finest yet at this scale. 

Our US Paratroopers as immortalised in films such as ‘Band of Brothers’ are now joined by our extensive range of German Fallschirmjaeger - the "Green Devils". The US Paras can be painted to represent either the 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles” or the 82nd “All American” with their distinctive shoulder patches. The US Paras also come armed with a variety of different weapons, including folding stock carbines, BAR guns, and Thompson sub machine guns, as well as support weapons. Why not refight Carentan or numerous other engagements.

The content

The Offensive Miniatures blister with the metal cast Us Paratrooper Jeep from the Elite range came in a sturdy blister with the miniatures and parts packaged in ziplock bag making sure none of the small bits such as the shovel, wheels and jerrycan goes missing when the blister cracks during shipment. The blister contains enough parts to construct a Willys jeep with three crewmembers. This blister retails for £12.00 which is an excellent value for this iconic vehicle and it's great looking crewmembers.

The miniatures
As said previously the miniatures are casted in metal and are scaled non-heroic 28mm. First of all we take a look at the excellent crewmembers which came supplied with the Willys jeep. The crewmembers exist out of the driver which came with a little bit of flash between the legs but not much and easily removable with a small file. The other crewmembers were passengers and were armed with either a Thompson or Browing heavy machinegun. My personal favorite of the bunch must be the paratrooper with the Thompson as he has such a nice and natural pose which is a bit unclear from the picture I must admit.

The most important miniature of the set is of course the iconic Willys Jeep, the tough all terrain vehicle used by the allies on every theatre of war and also used due its light weight by the paratroopers. As you can see from the picture the jeep comes in a bunch of metal parts which have almost no flash. The assembly of this jeep was easy as all parts fitted and the construction was quite straight forward as almost everybody knows the look of the Willys and the parts are quite easy to place on the model. The entire build was finished in less than a half hour using the standard tools such as glue, viles, plier and a Stanley knife.

The finished model

Here's a picture of the finished model with the three crewmembers, ready to invade Normandy!


This nice little Willys jeep made by Offensive Miniatures offers great value for your money as you not only receive the actual jeep but also nice great looking crewmembers. Despite being a believer in adding building plans to model or place them on your website. I found that this model was so well designed and easy to assemble that there was no need for this. So if you're looking for some wheeled support for your paras to ensure they will reach their vital objectives in time or to draw your light artillery? You now know where to look as Offensive Miniatures offfers this great kit for only £12.00 on their online shop.

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