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Angry Badger: Ramshackle Camp kit

Hi, It's time for another wargame review! This time we will take a closer look at the lasercut wooden Ramshackle Camp Kit from the new American company called Angry Badger! Their about us page says the following: "We all know that good terrain can change the game, but we also know that the cost of good terrain has gotten out of control. At Angry Badger we are striving to reach a good cost/quality ratio and provide war gamers with options that don't include going bankrupt or starving. " And to be honest what do we want more? Let's take a look at this amazing terrain set which can be used to recreate Goblin Town or can be used in an whole array of other settings.

Postage and packaging

As Angry Badger is located in United States, the postage cost can be quite high but as their products are so well-priced you might think about ordering anyway. To give you an idea the shipping cost of one Ramshackle Camp Set costs around $24.15 to Belgium which isn't too bad especially when you know that your terrain almost crosses the entire globe and you decide to buy more than one piece or maybe you can try to find a local dealer. About the packaging, the terrain set arrived in very good condition and was well-packed by the seller. So no worries about broken parts in transit.

The content

Let's take a look at the content of the Ramshackle Camp Set. The terrain set consist out of multiple parts which are all lasercut and are also engraved with a wood grain pattern which looks really good. In order to keep costs down, the platform boards are etched on one side, and where the support beams can be seen, they are etched on two side.

The Ramshackle Forest Camp kit comes as photographed in the first picture on the left with 3 six inch section where the boards run parallel and 4 six inch sections where the boards run perpendicular. Further we have 4 elevated walkway supports and two ladders as you can see in the second picture on the left. The set also contains 5 main platforms supports (see picture one) and seven laser engraved walking boards of two different types as you can see in the picture on the right. As you can see quite some material for the excellent price of $19.95!

The assembly

To be honest I though the construction of this camp site would be quite straight forward so I immediatly started to assemble them (without glue luckily) but I wasn't able to make them fit! So luckily Angry Badger has posted a very useful construction video on his website allowing you to assembly the terrain piece in no time! The construction was very easy as all pieces were lasercut and fitted so well that you don't need to used glue and can disassemble the scenery for easy storage. Please note the following before starting to construct the terrain: The cutting process leaves a charred edge on the MDF pieces which can blacken your fingers when handled. This char doesn’t need to be wiped off if you’re planning on spray painting the pieces, as the spray will seal in the char. If you plan on using brush paints, the char can darken the paints around the edges, so the char should be wiped off.

Scale comparison

Scale comparison of the Angry Badgers Ramshackle set with the hard plastic pieces from the Games Workshop starterset. As you can see the scenery pieces are roughly the same the size but the angry badger one can be used unpainted without looking bad and is to top of also much cheaper.

Picture kindly supplied by Jake from The Lead Adventure Forum

The conclusion

This Ramshackle Camp Site is great value for money as it only costs $19.95 even with the rather high postage costs from the United States. This piece is so generic it can be used in multiple settings such as pulp and fantasy without looking odd. A nice touch is that the piece also can used unpainted as it really looks good this way. Interested in this amazing piece of scenery and the other nice pices in his webstore? Take a look here at the Angry Badger Webstore.

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