Monday, February 25, 2013

Leven Miniatures: 6mm Viking Buildings

Hi, Today I'm doing a review of the new resin 6mm Viking building range of Leven Miniatures more in particular of the church and longhouse. How it all started for Leven Miniatures: When I decided to clear out my entire collection in 2011, I put them all on eBay. Both the vehicles (over 4,000 of them), and the buildings went very well, and I realised that there was still a market for them. I trawled the internet for what was available and found that availability in 6mm scale was still relatively limited, so I made a couple of new buildings of my own to test the market. After that, and being RAF biased, I decided to produce a range of airfield & military buildings, and put these out to see what happened, and basically, I'm still doing it. And he does every month new excellent scenery pieces appear on his website.

The service and delivery.

The service and the delivery of these buildings was great. The buildings came packaged in a sturdy cartonboard box and all the buildings (more reviews will appear later) were packaged individually in bubblewrap bags. Even not handled with care these building would have survived the rough channel crossing to Belgium. The delivery time was very good what we all like from small scale and one person businesses.

The buildings

As said I'm going to review some buildings from his recent 6mm Viking building range which contains enough buildings to create every viking settlement you like. the range contains a church, longhouses, huts, houses and even watchtowers. For this review I will show you the excellent quality of the Viking Church and Viking Longhouse. First of all we take a look at the Viking Church with Grass effect roofing with timber vents over a typical pit hut style structure, timber gables and timber cupola. Entrance on one gable and one side. To be honest I never saw such much detail in this tiny scale and was amazed by the casting quality of this building.

Another neat building casted with some the same amount of craftmanship was the longhouse. Ideal for all those after looting parties when the warriors came home from pillaging some poor European settlements. This building is my favorite able of filling a village or great to be used as a center piece on an elevation. 

The scale comparison

To be honest I don't have a horde of 6mm Vikings but own some Baccus Napoleonics. I just don't wanted to put them next to Viking houses so I decided to show the scale using a five eurocent piece. As you can see these buildings are really tiny!


if you ever need some 6mm Viking buildings. Leven Miniatures' buildings are the way to go, excellent delivery, great casting and very good prices as each of this buildings only costs you £1.50! And even when you go frenzy the entire village easily fits in a small storage box together with dozens armies. A wargame in a box, 6mm is the scale to go!

Dozens of other reviews can be easily found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

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