Thursday, August 2, 2012

Commando Miniatures: 1960, British soldiers with bush hats!

Hi, it's time for another review! This time we will take a look at the SAS miniatures from Commando Miniatures. Commando Miniatures is a relative new British wargame company founded by John Allen, a seasoned wargamers who has finally started an own range which is currently specialising in the British troops between 1950 and 1982. This time setting allows you to collect the figures you need to replay everything between the Korean War to the Falkland War!

The miniatures were supplied in ziplock bags and arrived only several days after the order. The miniatures were extremely well packed in a padded enveloppe and I especially love the fact that the owner John chose for ziplock bags as blisters really are a waste of plastic as the miniatures aren't intended to stay in them (well, we know sometimes they stay too long in their blisters waiting for a lick of paint!).


The miniatures that I will review are the B-00 pack which contains six nicely detailled miniatures and the useful accessory pack which contains several bits and pieces such as weapons and optional heads. These 28mm miniatures are sculpted by Martin Baker and are casted in white metal. First of all we take a look at the B-00 pack which contains the six British soldiers in bush hat, webbings and a variety of support weapons. Two of these excellent miniatures are casted with weapons attached while four other have loose weapons which can be switched between figures. In later packs more miniatures will be supllied with attached weapons but there will always be at least one miniature with loose weapons to add to the variety. The weapons supplied are a pistol, light machinegun, bren machinegun and a grenade launcher ideal when fighting of Omani at Mirbat!

Scale comparison

Here you can see a comparison pictures of the Commando Miniatures miniatures together with some miniatures from other manufacturers. From the left to right you can see: Ebob rebellion miniature, The Assault Group suicide bomber, Commando Miniature SAS trooper, Foundry fallschirmjager and as last a Warlord Games partizan.

Accessory pack

Now we take a look at the accessory pack which contains all sorts of usefull bits and pieces ranging from a whole variety of weapons including a grenade launcher and bren to bagpacks. the pack also contains four heads with berets which allow you to convert your basic British soldiers as supplied above to paras or SAS units. There are also machetes very useful when fighting of rebels in the Borneo rain forest!


These miniatures are ideal for every wargamer who wants to fight some of the forgotten wars that the British troops fought during the last century including the Malayan insurgency and the many unofficial wars such as in Oman. These packs retail at a price of £6.00 for six miniatures which is an excellent price for these great Martin Baker sculpts. The accessory pack retails for £5.00 and allows you to convert normal soldiers to SAS and paratroopers. If interested in these miniatures, please take a look at the Command Miniatures website as it is packed with lots of great goodies such as a resin landrover and pictures of upcoming releases such as Indonesians and British troopers with SLR's! But please note that the content of the packs can vary as the company is still organising and looking for the best options.

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