Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perry Miniatures: Napoleonic French Heavy Cavalry Reviewed!

Today, I'm presenting you a review of Perry Miniatures: Napoleonic French Heavy cavalry. This box is their fifth plastic box and is adored by many napoleonic wargamers. Finally they are able to field heavy cavalry units at a fraction of the price of metal miniatures! Just like most of the wargame industry, the Perry twins also invested in a plastic range of miniatures. However their plastic range is made to bulk out armies and their metal range fills the ranks with artillery, command and other specialised units! This is a good balance between quantity and the pricetags.

The box

Just like their other plastic boxes, the artwork is done by Peter Dennis and is breath taking! But the most important is the content. The box contains 14 cavalrymen which can be assembled as cuirrassiers or carabiniers. You also have the choice to assemble them charging or with their swords against the shoulder as they would do in rest.

First all we take a look at the trooper sprue which contains the trumpeteers body, arms with attached swords, carbines, cuirassiers and carabiniers heads. You can find three of the followings prues inside the box.

The second sprue contains 4 horses for the cavalrymen and 2 wounded or dead soldiers. The wounded soldiers and battlefield debris are some nice details to put on the bases and really add more value to the box. There are three of these sprues supplied in the boxed set.

The thirth sprue contains the command units such as the officer and banner bearer with their mounts. While the fourth sprue in the box is the plastic bases sprue.


Because this is only their 5th plastic box, I want to congratulate the people of Perry Miniatures for their amazing sculpts and skills! This box which is a must for any wargamer who wants to start a 28mm napoleonic army without being bankrupt. It's dirt cheap for the amazing 14 plastic cavalrymen which have lots of bits, conversion opportunities and especially lots of detail! And what is best all this for a retail price of £15 or €20!


Anonymous said...

great post. was considering buying this, wanted to see 'inside the box'. gracias.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Thanks, I'm glad it was useful!

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