Friday, April 13, 2018

The Lodestone: Three Guys and Some Magnets: Changing the Surface of Tabletop Terrain

The Lodestone: It’s simple: a base box with magnetic exteriors (skins), snap them together and you’ve got a Lodestone tabletop building.

That’s it! The base boxes and skins are already fully assembled, and with the cunning use of magnets
there’s no need for drawn-out and fiddly construction. The skins are quick and easy to put together and take apart; once finished with, they can be flat-pack away and stored with maximum efficiency. As transforming one genre into another is effortless, you can be as flexible as you like with your gaming genre.

But is this enough to change the way we think of tabletop terrain? The three creators seem to think so and have been encouraged by the positive response to their Kickstarter campaign. “We came up with the idea after realising we had common frustrations about existing MDF terrain: the length of time it takes to build, the fiddly painting required and the amount of storage needed. We knew that these weren’t issues for some but recognised they were for many others. We hit on the idea of using magnets and after months of design and testing we were ready to launch on Kickstarter.” Nick Darkk The Lodestone Kickstarter campaign is currently live here

If you want to catch up with them in person they will be at Salute, ExCel, London this weekend. No lengthy construction, no gluing, easy storage, quick assembly and re-configuration. What’s not to love!

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