Friday, April 13, 2018

Pigeon Guard Games: Salute 2018 - New Bundle Deals and Salute Presence

Pigeon Guard Games: We've been asked by a lot of people if we could put our street furniture into bundle deals, so that it would be a bit cheaper to populate a games board with more Telephone Kiosks and InfoMats. Also PigeonGuard Games Terrain will be available for Crooked Dice Miniatures at Salute! Now we don't want your figures getting lost in action or not being able to call up taxi, or a pizza when they need one, so, here's not one bundle deal, but two!

- Street furniture bundle deal 3 - 2x Info mats & 2x Phone kiosks for £15.00 (normal price £19.96)
- Street furniture bundle deal 4 - 3x info mats & 3x Phone kiosks for £22  (normal price £29.94)

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