Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sally 4th: Really Useful Box Storage Solution To Suit Sails of Glory Ships & Components

Sally 4th: Released today: Storage solution for Sails of Glory. Store and transport your fleets together with all of the cards and components in these smart trays and accessories designed to fit inside the 9 Litre and 4 Litre Really Useful Boxes. All components are available separately or as a discounted deal. Full details on our Complete Game Storage Solution Page here. This complements our existing complete game storage solutions for Star Wars X-Wing, Wings of Glory, Zombicide, Star Saga & Conan.

Range Includes:

- Insert to hold 5 Sails of Glory ships on bases £3
- Index Box to hold 14 Sails of Glory card sets / displays £8.50
- 15 compartment component tray £7.50
- 35mm high solid tray £5
- 70mm cut out tray £6.50

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