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Salute 2017 Convention New Miniature and Scenery Releases

In this thorough summary you can find some of the many new miniatures and scenery pieces that will be released at Salute 2017 in London. Note that this article will be constantly updated as new releases are announced. Should you find new releases feel free to comment and these will be added.

Renedra Limited - Link

Whilst we have been flat out producing our customers Salute releases we have somehow found the time to manufacture our 'breached' wall section for our Castle. So we thought you might like to see some work in progress pictures - we are hoping to have this ready for a Salute release Painted Figures shown loaned to us courtesy of Alan & Michael Perry

We thought you would like to see a couple of pictures of another project of ours that we are releasing at Salute - just got test shots today so pictures are taken at the workbench - it's stone walls and railings with a hinged gate - pack will comprise of 2 frames, each frame contains 4 lengths of stone wall and railings, 1 gate pillar and 1 gate - ideal for graveyard surrounds. The 2 frame pack will make 81cms of railings (including gates).

Finally the last of our releases for Salute - American style gravestones - there's 44 on a frame - 2 frames in a pack - there are 3 variations of sizes of the gravestones-£6 a pack - ideal maybe with our new railings and gates. The figures shown are for size comparison only (used with permission of Perry Miniatures) Also an update on the railings (this is for you Arthur) we will also be releasing a railings expansion pack (at Salute), this pack will contain just railings - 3 railings per frame and 4 in a pack - approximately 100cm of railings - £10 a pack.

Bad Squiddo Games - Link

These items can either be collected at Salute 2017 (22nd April) or they can be posted 1st May, anywhere in the world. If for Salute collection, please choose that option at the checkout, and you will not need to pay postage. If you order various items from the website and include at least one pre order item then your whole order will be held up - if you need the other items earlier please put them through as two separate orders. The new releases are the science fiction post apoc female warriors, shieldmaidens mounted and dismounted, World War Two Soviets, fantasy characters and more. Just too many of them check them all here

Perry Miniatures - Link

Perry Miniatures will be releasing their long awaited plastic Anglo-Zulu War British Infantry and there Travel Battle miniature wargame using small scale miniatures on plastic terrain tiles. These are multipart hard plastic 28mm figures which can be used for the Ninth Cape Frontier War, Zulu War and the First Anglo-Boer War. They are also supplied with Home Service helmets so can be used for any potential invasion from France, Germany or even Mars! There are 38 miniatures in the box including 4 casualties, two Heliographs,4 pairs of standards, unit bases and uniform information. If your going to Salute, please don't pre-order, there will be enough there at our stand (TE 14) £20.00

TravelBattle is a complete table top miniatures game in a box.  It is intended for gamers who have limited space, or those who are traveling on a long journey or holiday and need a gaming fix! All the playing pieces are made of coloured plastic, and include two 3 dimensional green terrain boards with separate woods, grey buildings and red and blue armies. The size of the miniatures is 8mm.  The two terrain boards are designed to be placed together on any edge, giving the potential for 16 different battlefields. The 1" grid marked on the boards excludes the need for rulers to be used in the game. The simple rules system should allow a game to played within an hour. The two armies are generic Napoleonic forces of equal size and composition which make up three brigades for each side. There is a simple painting guide in case you which to enhance your armies and terrain boards. £50.00


160 x Infantry 
24 x Cavalry 
4 x Guns and 12 crew 
6 x Brigadiers 
2 x 10" 3D Terrain boards 
6 x Buildings 
4 x Dice 
1 x Set of rules

Gripping Beast - Link

Gripping Beast will be releasing their hard-plastic Dark Age archers along with other cool metal character sculpted by Bob Naismith for their popular Saga and SwordPoint wargames.

Northstar Miniatures and Osprey Games - Link

The Dwarves are Marching to War! Later this year, North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games will be releasing a new range of fantasy miniatures, beginning with a plastic box set of Dwarf Infantry! Each sprue from this set allows you to build 5 Dwarves armed with spears, hand weapons, or bows, with a huge variety of head options. We are also working on similar boxes for Elves and Goblins! There are no official release dates yet, BUT we will have a limited number of pre-release Dwarf sprues for sale at Salute!!! These will be £5 a sprue and strictly limited to one per customer. More sneak peeks from the range will be on display at the Osprey Games stand; so, swing by stand TJ05 early, get your sprue, and see what all of the excitement is about.

Studio Miniatures - Link

We will be launching 12 new Survivors for our 28mm Z-Clipz zombie range at Salute this year (stand TA17) then on the website at the end of April. We have Burt and Fu, Jay and the Professor, Baba, Henry, The Soul Brothers, Abraham, Quinn, Corey and Vaz. All of the miniatures are supplied unpainted and come with 30mm round plastic bases. Sculpted by Paul Hicks and painted by Andy Taylor.

Northstar Miniatures - Link

"Last week I received an advance-casting of the newest Frostgrave miniature, and it is, by far, the largest model in the range. It is hoped that a limited number of these will be available for purchase at Salute, before the model goes on regular release later in the year. I don't have any details on pricing yet. The miniature is cast in resin and came in about a dozen pieces, but thanks to the well thought-out design, all of the pieces fit together perfectly with no trouble at all. The model comes with a scenic base, but I prefer my minis on round bases."

Osprey Games - Link

Already available but too cool to not include here - More than 150 years have passed since the apocalypse that nearly destroyed the Earth. Today, the planet is a torn remnant of its former glory, ravaged by nuclear fallout and mutagens. New lifeforms - Mutants and Synthetics - challenge True Humanity for dominance, while warring factions compete for survival and supremacy, and all must carve out their place in this brutal landscape, or else perish as billions before them. Scrappers is skirmish miniatures game set in the wastelands, where players assemble Scrapper Crews and send them out to scavenge scraps of Ancient technology and battle rival factions. Explorers, cultists and raiders clash with mutated creatures, robotic soldiers and embittered True Humans in this wargame of salvage and survival in the ruins of the future.

Too Fat Lardies - Reisswitz Press - Link

As always, Salute promises to be the big event on the UK wargaming calendar and once again we will be present with lots of exciting stuff.  Top of the agenda is the news that Reisswitz Press will be present with Dave Brown and is chums from Loughton Strike Force will be running a demo of Dave’s forthcoming Napoleonic rules, General d’Armee.  You can catch up with Dave, the man rightly known as the Grand Master of Napoleonic Rules, at table GJ14 where, he tells me, his game will feature some gardening in Dresden (the clue’s in the question folks!). We’ll be releasing the rules at Partizan on the 21st of May, so this is a great opportunity to get a preview of what promises to be the big rules release of the year.  To sharpen your appetite, here’s a view of the cover in all of its resplendent glory.

Crooked Dice - Link

The eight Female Minions will be available at the show. They will be in the webstore from 01 April. It’s £20 for the eight model deal or £3 each. All models are headless with an unhelmeted head on the tab. But is you would like to add them to your Salute pre-orders – then you can find them on our dedicated Salute 2017 page. Four alternate female head sprues are also available. Each sprue is £2 and contains four heads of either unhelmeted, beret, infantry cap or hard hat. Meanwhile you can slide across your bonnet with these two Hero Cops, ideal for leading your Lawmen into battle.

Wargames Terrain Workshop - Link

Work has started on the painting of this years Salute Dragon, need to get him finished so we can get the box art in time for Salute - Box art for this years Salute dragon is all finished as is the rest of the model not just the photograph side

Eureka Miniatures - Link

Emerging from the heat shimmer, they come in a roar of sound and fury, the nomad brigands and road pilots. Chrome, dust, and rust in your rearview mirror are the first harbingers of impending doom. Then the incessant chatter of twin Vickers fills your ears and your auto begins to disintegrate around you. It's the 'Dirty Thirties' and you're having a very bad day... Pray Maximillion is out here somewhere.

Hot off the press and imminently available for Salute pre-orders, comes the next wave of our Michael Moorcock Hawkmoon figures. This release sees the unleashing of the wolves and features the elite fighters of the Mad Empire. As you can see from these images Alan Marsh has done the subject proud with variously armed Wolf clan warriors and slaves in clan service. For those of you who have been howling for someone to bring the fight to the Kamargians, your clan awaits.

We've been teasing some of the greens for our 28mm WWII Pacific Australians range of late. And now Kosta Heristanidis has painted some of his figures for your delectation. The range will be available in strictly limited numbers at Salute.

Warploque Miniatures - Link

The two factions of 'ArcWorlde: Heroes of Hobbleshire'. Available on the 22nd of April at Salute 2017!

Oshiro Terrain - Link

Oshiro Terrain will be releasing the following Chinese buildings and boats at Salute 2017.

Empress Miniatures - Iron Duke Miniatures - Link

Iron Duke Miniatures will be releasing a massive wave of Indian/ Bengal Mutiny cavalry to supplement their already huge miniature range sculpted by Paul Hicks. Check his Facebook for all cavalry models both Native and British.

Spectre Miniatures - Link

Just 7 days to go until Salute 2017 in the London ExCel. Come see us at stand number TD28 and part with your hard earned cash. Due to the size of our range now, we wont be able to bring everything and will have limited numbers of some items. To ensure you get what you want we strongly advise you place an order online and select 'Collect at Salute 2017'.

We will have a Salute exclusive model which is strictly first come first served (we will put very limited numbers online on the day too for those that cannot make it). We also should have a few Razors for sale and have some previews of upcoming releases to show off too.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Hysterical Games - Link

We (Hysterical Games) have a Salute exclusive figure too... A Dwarf Uhlan riding a Schweinehunde... Cheesy Oh and we are announcing our entire Wave 3A launch at Salute too. So the Panzerfauste range has almost doubled overnight!

Gringo40s - Link

Gringo40s have a selection of New 28mm releases....Robots, Papal Cavalry 1860 femal Bandits  1860..............28mm Colombian Indians, and much more!

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