Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Drowned Earth - Free Cards, Oviraptors Unlocked and Plenty More Good News

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter is still going strong with several stretch goals unlocked and plenty of new updates being done by creator James Baldwin. Check below for the highlights and help to shape the world of The Drowned Earth!

Shipping Badges Unlocked! Hey folks! I'm now in a position to assure US and Canadian backers that their parcels will go domestically, so no import tax for you fine ladies and gentlemen to worry about!  Proudly displaying our badges! We were already EU friendly :). Ok, so shipping... not the most exciting of updates is it? 

Oviraptors Unlocked! The good news is that we unlocked the Oviraptors, and are now just a shave away from unlocking the profile cards, which will be free to every backer, with each Character or dino-pack they purchase. 

Play Styles, Character Bios and more - Next week I will be updating with a little more information on the play styles of each of the factions, and I'll be updating the website with some short bios of the Artifacters. Over the course of the campaign we'll meet all of the characters, so keep an eye out for that! I shall also be blogging a little on the fluff, and various other matters, but will announce those things in due course. Well, I hope you're all looking forward to the first part of the Choose Your Own Adventurer event tomorrow! The update will link to a poll where you can submit your choices, and we will see the results next week. Who else is excited? I know I am! Brief thanks once again: I know I've said it before, but the response to the game has been fantastic. I'm so pleased to see so many people as passionate about The Drowned Earth as I am. Is there someone you know who you think might like to hear about it too? Why not let them know?!

Free Cards Unlocked - Well I’m very happy about this one. Now every Character or Creature Pack (dinos) will ship with an appropriate reference card. You don’t need the reference cards to play, and they don’t serve any game function, but they make life much easier, particularly when starting out, or playing a crew you’re not familiar with. Yes, I realise we’re striking all the things off the stretchgoals chart. Don’t worry, I might have a few tricks up my sleeve. They might need to come out soon. They bite!

Next Unlock: The Dice - I know some people were a bit unimpressed by the dice picture:I’ve listed the photographs as “prototype only”, which is a bit misleading. The photo depicts generic dice I’ve altered to use for play testing. They are not the way the final dice will look- I do plan on making them much nicer than this! I can’t say more at the moment so I hope you’ll trust that I’ll do something nice looking :). I plan on having dice with a custom font on all sides, and pretty colours, appropriate to the rulebook. Now the one you’ve All been Waiting for!

Choose your Own Adventurer Part 1 - So how does this work? Below is the first part of a story. At the end of the story are a number of questions which you may answer by following a link to a survey. The answers to the questions will determine the nature of the character, as well as what they will do next! Each week we will post another episode until, at the end, we will have crafted a complete character (and have a drawing of them too, by the vey talented Paul Rigdon). All backers who have pledged for one or more Starter Crews will get a copy of this model absolutely free, as thanks for your support! So, lets get started! Note that this is only for Kickstarter backers, so pledge and help decide the future of The Drowned Earth!

Venture into The Drowned Earth here and lead your crew into the overgrown ruins of the past in search of ancient artifacts. Will you side the Artifacters, the Bondsmen, the Firm or the Militia?

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