Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pedion Terrain: Pedion Urban Handpainted Terrain Tiles for Wargames & RPGs Kickstarter

Pedion Terrain: Urban Battlefields: Fully modular, handpainted, lightweight tiles for 15-28mm Wargames & RPGs. Arrange them in hundreds of layouts! It is a full Urban Expansion to the quite successful earlier Battlefields line, and it is called Pedion Urban Battlefields. It is already 95% funded (check again when posting the article please)

It features handpainted, modular tiles in three (3) different Themes (Rustic, Medieval or Modern), available at 2'x2', 3'x3' and 4'x4' Set Rewards, along with some innovative Stretch Goals.  Among the stretch goals we are working on are: "Transition" tiles, that is, tiles which will allow you to join our different textured boards together, or your existing tiles with the newer urban sets. Addons to create "dead-ends" on our roads, in order to increase the modularity and possible combinations of a given set.

"Damaged" urban tiles, adding impressive weapon effect craters on the tiles. An Elevation System, so you can create slopes, uphill roads, rises and different levels in your city for a more realistic effect. Variant Road Width to better suit the 28mm scale. More urban designs, like car parks, roundabouts or open plazas. City harbour tiles, to represent seaside/riverside settlements, with the use of our beautiful liquid glass water effects.

Check the Kickstarter here and discover all the qualities of these handmade and painted terrain tiles for your favorite tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures.

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