Monday, January 23, 2017

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm Wars of Religion Huguenot Millers

Khurasan Miniatures: Huguenot Millers from the end phase of the Wars of Religion. Their appearance is a bit surprising isn't it? I expected pistoliers in 3/4 armour and the famed white cassocks but by this period (the "War of the Three Henries") it was much more common for the Millers to wear only a breast and back plate and no helmet. They had also apparently dropped the trademark white cassock as there's no mention or depiction of it whatsoever in this period.

Even Henri IV fought in this exact outfit! He is famously captured in the painting of the Battle of Arques looking very much like a Royalist Cavalier from 45 years later. These and the French gendarmes and archers (which were virtually indistinguishable by now) will be the first of the French codes released.

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