Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Barbaric Splendor: Bran The Bold Barbarian Pre-Order

Barbaric Splendor: I will be offering Bran The Bold as a pre-order for a limited time as he will be going to the caster along with my Kickstarter miniatures. So, until February 5th, if you wish to pre-order him at a reduced price of $7.50 (retail will be $9) simply PM me and I will get you a PayPal invoice with shipping. Kickstarter backers can still add him for the KS rate mentioned in the most recent update. I will also be taking a limited number of late pledges up until February 5th if you missed out on the original campaign. Facebook PM about this as well if you are interested. This will not be delivered until the end of March/early April, so please keep this in mind when deciding to pre-order.

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