Thursday, May 11, 2017

Games Workshop: The Hobbit - The Company of Thorin Oakenshield

Games Workshop: Ever since The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ rules manual was released way back in 2012, fans of the Strategy Battle Game have been asking the same question – “When will the alternative Thorin’s Company models come out?”

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted these models dotted around the photographs in the main rules manual, most notably in the photo on page 128, yet the models shown seemed destined to never see the light of day… until now!

The Middle-earth™ team is proud to announce that the alternative Thorin’s Company models are finally going to be made available for the first time at this year’s Warhammer Fest on Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th May 2017. These new models will be available as four different sets: The Heirs of Erebor, The King’s Companions, The Three Brothers and The Cousins.

The Heirs of Erebor includes the rightful King Under the Mountain, Thorin Oakenshield™, in his fur-lined coat and wielding Orcrist aloft. This set also includes the young nephews of the king, Kili and Fili. The King’s Companions set consists of Balin, Dwalin, Oin and Gloin; the Dwarves of Erebor who, like Thorin, are all descendants of the line of Durin. These Dwarves are very close to Thorin, particularly Balin and Dwalin, who fought alongside their king both during the coming of Smaug™ and the battles of the Dimrill Dale.

When Thorin journeyed to the Blue Mountains to seek a company of Dwarves, the three brothers Ori, Nori and Dori joined him in his quest, and over their adventure to Erebor, these brothers proved themselves to be brave and worthy companions of the king. Bifur, Bofur, Bombur; three cousins that came from the Blue Mountains to join Thorin’s Company in order to earn their fortune. Each of these Dwarves possessed a jolly nature yet when called upon to fight, did so with as much skill as the rest of the company.

Following Warhammer Fest, these models will be sold in the Warhammer World store at Games Workshop’s HQ in Nottingham, as well as at events across the globe where Forge World is in attendance. You, the fans of The Hobbit™: Strategy Battle Game, asked for these models to be made available and we have listened. So, if you want to be amongst the first to own these stunning models, make sure that you get yourself to Warhammer Fest to pick them up!

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