Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sally 4th: New Combat Patrol - Falklands War Supplement

Sally 4th: The latest free supplement for Buck Surdu's Combat Patrol skirmish game is available from today.

The supplement is available as a 10 page free to download PDF file from Combat Patrol and Sally 4th. Written by Greg Priebe the supplement contains all the rules, stats and organisation charts that you need to wargame the 1982 Falklands war in miniature using Combat Patrol.

Rules sections cover

- British & Argentinean Morale Rules
- Defended Positions
- Night Fighting
- Smoke
- Heroes
- 1980's Small Arms Vehicles & Anti-Tank Weapons

Organisation Charts

- Para Rifle Company & Rifle Platoon
- Guards / Ghurkha Rifle Company & Rifle Platoon
- Royal Marines Rifle Company & Rifle Platoon
- Argentinean Rifle Company & Rifle Platoon
- Argentinean Rifle Company & Rifle Platoon

This is a supplement for Combat Patrol so Combat Patrol Rules plus Activation & Action Decks are also required to play.

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