Thursday, February 22, 2024

Empress Miniatures: New English Civil War Fully Armoured Cuirassiers

Empress Miniatures: We have some new releases to our 28mm ECW range, and of course also useful for TYW. Fully armoured cuirassiers. These guys were a dying breed across Europe and the UK at this period although still made a significant appearance in the first two years of the conflict and in the early battles. Most notably Heselrige’s and Balfour’s regiments both of which gradually changed to the traditional harquebusier style of armour and weapons.

However for the early battles such as Edgehill and Landsdown these guys had very significant parts to play. These are the equivalent to the tank of the 20th century. There are 6 packs of figures with two figures in each pack. There is also a special casualty pack (great for Roundway Down.) The unit of 6 packs is also offered in a very good deal. Most of the figures come with an option on what weapon to use. Either sword or pistol. Just slot in the hand you want.

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