Sunday, December 3, 2023

Snarling Badger Studios: New SNARL 2023 "Tanks" for the Apocalypse Edition

Snarling Badger Studios: NARL is the official 'zine of Snarling Badger Studios. In this first issue, you'll find a new microgame: "Tanks" for the Apocalypse, a quick, fun tank battle game for two to ten players. Pilot your M4 Sherman tank through the post-apocalyptic American Midwest and fight against other Shermans in what's left of the world after the July 1945 nuclear test went all kinds of wrong.

You'll also find an add-on called Reign in Hell: The Reckoning for our game Reign in Hell (released in 2021) which adds a new philosophy to play - The Faithful. There's also two new scenarios included. Lastly, there's an add-on titled Space Station Zero: New Discoveries which includes new weapons, equipment, and tech for your crews in Space Station Zero. Included in your purchase is a PDF for screen use, one in booklet format for printing your own 'zine, and a tank sheet/rules summary for "Tanks" for the Apocalypse. Check this new magazine now here

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