Friday, December 1, 2023

Ragnarok Miniatures: New The Woses of Druidain Kickstarter

Ragnarok Miniatures: Deep in the heart of the brooding Forest of Druidain two savage forces are locked in primordial conflict, neither asking, nor expecting any quarter. The Woses are the remnant of a scattering of tribes that have withdrawn into the vastness of the dark Druidain from whence they draw their name.

Woses are considered by most as mere myths and yet once they were a wide-ranging people.  Over hundreds of years, their numbers diminished through war and persecution by both the men of the West and the Orcs of the East.  Under Ghan Guna Ghan their war chief they roam beneath the forest canopy building wikiups from saplings in the forest clearings ever wary of danger. Woses are smaller than men, stout and full-bellied, and immensely strong for their size.  Clubs spears, bows, darts, and arrows are their chosen weapons, and ambush is their main strategy, where they lie in wait, hidden from view before launching their sudden and deadly attacks. Check the Kickstarter here

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