Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Miniaturas Ezipion: "Guardians of the Baztan Valley" - Retinue Set Kickstarter Ending Soon

Miniaturas Ezipion: In Castilla Oscura we travel to the Iberian Peninsula during the 14th century immediately after the Seventh Trumpet. The Sun has stopped shining, giving way to a perpetual crimson night. The waters have devoured much of the earth, large cracks have opened on its surface, spitting fire and shaking the world. Much of life was eliminated in a few days, replaced by the macabre resurrection of the dead who, in their mysterious march west, devour life in their path. All other living creatures languish in darkness; waiting for hunger, illness or cold to finish them off. While all this is happening, the Angels and their servants descend from the heavens preceded by storms and great noise to cleanse the world of God's great disappointment. These models are the ones that are included in all the Pledge Levels that include the starter set. In addition to the Stretch Goals that will be unlocked, you can add add-ons (see below). Check the full Kickstarter and more miniatures here

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