Monday, May 29, 2023

Saucerman Studios: New Zectonium Prison Mines Scenery 3D STL Files Kickstarter!

Saucerman Studios: The Zectonium Prison Mines is a vast collection of 3D printable terrain that gives you the creative freedom to build immersive industrial landscapes and brutal, off-world mining facilities. Unfold your story of daring prisoner escapes, battle over coveted minerals and explore the enigmatic, ancient alien ruins as your forces fight through the putrid smog of heavy industry.

With a core set of 110+ models, this huge collection of terrain features an impressive level of detail and modularity.  Sections are interchangeable, so the theme and layout is chosen by you!  The additional 200+ stretch goal models expand the options by introducing more building components, mining infrastructure, minerals, vehicles, alien ruins, drilling machinery and much, much more.

With each battle, the stakes are raised, as combatants fight tooth and nail to control the scarce resources that sustain their industrial empires. Navigate your forces through the labyrinthine tunnels or ignite explosive conflicts along the elevated walkways and towers. Every piece of this printable scenery has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a seamless building experience.  It can tower above the battlefield or sprawl across the planet, harvesting precious resources.

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