Saturday, May 13, 2023

Garske Games: New Fantasy Sword Weirdos Wargame Rules!

Garske Games: Sword Weirdos is the fantasy sequel to the surprisingly popular Space Weirdos. "When will you write a fantasy version?" people asked. So I did. Sword Weirdos is a skirmish wargame that allows you to build stats for just about any fantasy or historical model in your collection. Your model's class and weapons determine its special abilities. With 26 classes and 54 weapons and other pieces of equipment to choose from the possiblities are...a lot. I'm not that great with math.

You’re wondering what makes Sword Weirdos different from other games. Not much! It takes what I like from other games and mashes it all together. Check these brand new rules now here

- Low model count: 5-10 models or so for each side.
- Use any fantasy/historical minis you have.
- Short but comprehensive. Everything in one 24 page zine.
- Minimal tokens, but still a few because I like them.
- No tape measures or rulers, all movement and ranges are measured with 5” sticks.
- Uses all your RPG dice (except the d20, d20's get enough love) because dice are fun.
- A points system, but you shouldn’t worry about it too much.
- Alternating activations, opposed rolls, Maneuver Points
- And random tables mean everyone is involved and rolling dice all the time.

Also includes:

- A separate 4-page solo rules document. <---coming soon
- A pdf with tokens, hobby advice, and a warband sheet.

If you like minis games but giant rulebooks turn you off or seem intimidating, maybe give this a shot.

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