Sunday, April 2, 2023

Troublemaker Games: CityCrushers : A Tabletop Wargame Kickstarter!

Troublemaker Games: CityCrushers is a tabletop wargame, involving robots that shoot each other with guns the length of medium sized houses. Perfectly normal. The CityCrushers boxed game set is packed full of multi-part plastic miniatures and modular plastic scenery. The rules that have an emphasis on campaign play, as you build your gangs of city-destroying robots, compete with other gangs for Tech, and fight it out over the course of several games to see who is the greatest giant robot commander in the great wide world. Check the full Kickstarter here

Boxed Set Content

16x City Crusher Robots 
6x Capital Crusher Robots 
16x 40mm diameter round bases (with Health & Energy spinner dials) 
6x 80mm diameter round bases (with Health & Energy spinner dials) 
10x Plastic Modular Scenery Sprues 
3x Ruined Buildings 
6x Tech Tokens 
2x D10 Dice 
An A5 size rulebook (32 pages) 

The model sets are also available separately, if you don't want the big boxed game.


Khusru said...

Looks well over priced

Troublemaker Games said...

Hi there, we had believed that our price was cheaper than what one would normally expect for a boxed game with 44x plastic sprues. I suppose mileage may vary on that one! :-)