Friday, February 3, 2023

Warsteel Miniatures: Late 15th Century Medieval Gewalthaufen Kickstarter!

Warsteel Miniatures: Late 15th Century Medieval Gewalthaufen Kickstarter - Dynamic late 15th century medieval unarmored pikemen, unarmored handgunners and unarmored crossbowmen as STL files. This Kickstarter offers dynamic 32mm, late 15th century medieval miniatures as STL files. All files come fully supported and unsupported as STL and LYS files to choose from for your convienince.

In total you will recieve: 135 different heads, 28 different pikemen bodies, 17 different crossbowmen bodies, 17 different handgunner bodies, Pikes, Pike heads plus all unlocked stretchgoals. The Pikemen come with open hands in which you can slide the pikes in. The pikes come fully supported aswell and ben designed to fit perfectly inside the hands of the pikemen. Alternatively you can also use broom bristles and attach, from this kickstarter aswell supplied, fully supported pike heads.

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