Sunday, December 4, 2022

Picchiofanatico: Pirates of the South - 28mm Scale Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter!

Picchiofanatico: "Ancient times saw mighty kings conquering these fascinating lands; South of the known world, from sumptuous shores to desert planes, had so been populated by Men of the West. Natives, step by step, were kept away from their home land; an endless hatred raised in their hearts. 

Generations passed, and the power of the Men of the West fell; their great cities along shores, their powerful fleets decayed... and new groups of greedy people assumed their role of leadership of the ancient realms. How cruel they were, disembarking and predating everywhere; their long and fast ships were the terror of the coasts, everyoned feared the barbarians known as "Pirates of the South". And something is happening, it seems a great Pirate Crusade will be declared; will they be stopped? Is there anyone who can break their impetus?"

Pirates of the South is the miniature range you were looking for; 28mm scale models, projected for several wargames but also for collection; sea and land fighters, terrifying their enemies on the battlefield. Check the full Kickstarter here

Three possibilities to choose from

- Physical and/or digital models
- Physical models
- 3D .stl files
- Commercial license

You can choose among these four above options, depending on what you prefer. But before choosing your option you can download your free sample, our gift for you; digital file of "Deadly Arrow", a little but precious diorama. Download your free sample here

This range of new fantasy miniatures, designed to be used in 28 mm scale wargames, represents an awesome chance to customize your army with unique, high quality miniatures; a concrete possibility to make your army stand out from all the others!

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