Saturday, August 6, 2022

Carthage Must Be Destroyed: Heraldic Waterslide Decals for Wargaming Part 2 Kickstarter

Cathage Must Be Destroyed: Hello everyone! The first Heraldic Waterslide Decal Kickstarter was quite a hit, so I decided to continue on with the series and work on the next set of waterslide decals. I just launched the campaign page for the next batch and you can now follow it on Kickstarter. Here's some of my own models in my collection I've been experimenting using decals on. More images and details to come with the launch of the campaign. Check the Kickstarter here

In the first project I focused on a sort of Bretonnian style by presenting the decals in rows of 9. One row would give you a single colour of an animal or mythical creature and included the same image facing left 5 times while the other 4 images faced right. This time I've changed the format of the decal sheets - now instead of 9 of the same image with different facings there will only be 5 images and now a single row has 10 images total. That means that there are more image variations per sheet and there's more decals per sheet as well. Additionally, I've experimented and decided to include miniature versions of some of the decals that worked out in tracing for people who want to include multiples of the same image on a shield or banner. Finally, the main two sheets in the campaign will contain humans, plants, symbols, and weapons/equipment while the stretch goals focus entirely on unlocking a whole bunch of different crosses. This is my attempt to use different imagery instead of focusing just on animals and mythical beasts. More details and pictures to come with the launch of the campaign. The project is now live! Thank you everyone for checking it out. 

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