Saturday, July 24, 2021

Wargames Atlantic: New Plastic Afghan Cavalry Preview and New Poll!

Wargames Atlantic: The upcoming Afghan Cavalry set will mark the first use of our generic horses. We decided early that having plain horses that come with a simple saddle blanket could form the foundation of a lot of cavalry sets.

In some cases in future sets we may add unique horse heads, saddles, and other equipment to the rider sprues to customize those sets. And in other cases we will need to have completely different horses in the set (for example for smaller or larger breeds or horse armor that can't be added as separate pieces)

Here's an image showing the sprue layout and one of the first painted versions by Matthew Leahy. There are 6 halves that are interchangeable with separate heads (4) and tails (3) so that you can achieve a large number of combinations and have a good variety of poses for your units. We've been debating internally about selling the horses separately for those who either want to convert over from metal ones and save some weight or have extra riders (or want to convert riders). To that end we have a poll - fill it in and leave your email (optional) for a chance to win a box of figures. Check the poll here

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