Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bloody Miniatures: Brand New 28mm English Civil War Character Range!

Bloody Miniatures: Bloody Miniatures new line of 28mm figures for the English Civil War, is a range conceived to bring a dash of added personality to existing ECW / TYW collections, or provide characterful figures for skirmish games.

Bloody Miniatures figures are the work of the brilliant Nick Collier, original sculptor of the enduringly popular Bicorne and Renegade ECW ranges. Those existing excellent ranges contain huge numbers of rank and file models in a variety of drill-type poses - perfect for recreating big battles set in that era, but perhaps slightly less well suited to the minor scrimmages, sieges, raids and sallies which typified warfare of the period. Bloody Miniatures complement these existing ranges perfectly, providing a seamless fit in size, style and stature, with extra helpings of charisma and period flavour. 

They're designed with the ECW in mind, but will serve equally well for the Thirty Years War. The figures are also eminently suitable for New World colonial conflicts like the Powhatan and Pequot Wars of the 1630s - 1640s, and for C17th 'folk horror' settings / rules like 'Witchfinder General'. The first four packs are available now at www.bloodyminiatures.co.uk. The next four packs are already in the pipeline, and more will follow.

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