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Wargames Atlantic: Plastic Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors Reviewed!

Today we will take a good look at the Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors by Wargames Atlantic! Field legions of these awesome hard-plastic animated Greek skeletons and wreak havoc upon your mortal enemies. Let's continue!

Wargames Atlantic is a brand new tabletop miniature wargame company based in The United States of America focussing on the production and development of hard-plastic and multi-part miniatures for tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying miniature games. The company will be producing miniatures for fantasy, historical and science fiction wargames with several of these sets already in production and available for purchase. The first boxed set for their Classic Fantasy miniature range are these lovely Skeleton Warriors while the first released boxed set for their science fiction 'Death Fields' miniature range are the elite Raumjäger Infantry.

During this thorough and fully illustrated review we will take a look at the Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors immortalised by the classic Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts movie. For they are the shades of the men of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Macedon. When a Necromancer plunders the coins meant for Charon, she can reanimate their remains and bind them to her will. Only by removing the skull from the body, or destroying the coins, may the warriors break their curse and return to the grave. These Wargames Atlantic miniatures will also be used in the popular Mortal Gods, miniature wargame developed by Footsore Miniatures which will soon also feature mythological miniatures.

Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors

The Classic Fantasy Skeleton Warriors boxed set contains enough parts to assemble 32 Skeleton Warriors armed with a variety of greek weapons and shields. The kit contains eight identical hard-plastic sprues, with each sprue containing enough parts to construct four Skeleton Warriors. The miniatures can be assembled as 24 spearmen but can include up to eight bowmen, eight pikemen and eight swordmen along with command miniatures such as standard bearers, hornblowers and officers. 

I was more than happily surprised by the amount of possibilities that are included in the boxed set despite the usage of small identical sprues. The amounts of different bits on the sprues and the repetition of these parts over the large amount of sprues supplied in the boxed set offers you the ability to assemble these miniatures in groups of eight miniatures armed with the same weaponry, useful for making small units or assembling a large unit of spearmen. The weapons are all Greek and include but are not limited to the long pikes or sarissa as used to great efficiency by the mighty Macedonian phalanxes, Kopis swords and Dory spears along with typical large and smaller round shields. The sprue also contains other bits, such as an arrow quiver, standard animal skull and more.

The bulk of the skeletons supplied on the sprue only need the addition of arms and a skull, making the assembly really hasslefree. One of the skeletons however needs more assembly as all parts are supplied individually offering a greater choice of poses but also making the assembly a bit more difficult. I think that offering a mixture of these options is a good compromise between a greater choice of available poses but yet making the assembly really fast if you don't really need individual characters. I have compared the assembly of these particular miniatures with the older Warlord Games (ex-Wargames Factory) miniatures and these Wargames Atlantic miniatures are easier to assemble than their fiddly counterparts because of the  lower amount of parts and the bulk of these parts which is great.

The quality of the plastic sprues is excellent as is the design and detail of the components which is really impressive for a new company and I'm already looking forward in seeing what more the future brings for Wargames Atlantic. One minor remark, is that there are no bases included in this boxed set so you will have to purchase these from another company but to be honest no a big deal as you can then buy the right bases to suit your own needs. But take a look yourself at the sprues below and I think you will find my judgement more than fair.

In the pictures above you can see a selection of the available poses that can be assembled using the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors boxed set ranging from archers and swordsmen to spearmen and hornblowers. In the pictures below you can see the full content of the kit, fully assembled and based, ready to be painted and used in tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying games. The content of this boxed set can easily be used as a small warband or the start of an epic skeleton army. As mentionned before I assembled the miniatures in four different units, one archer unit, one pikemen unit and two mixed melee weapon units as these can then easily be used in units or individually for skirmish wargames and roleplaying games.

Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Scale Comparion

In the scale comparison picture below supplied by Wargames Atlantic you can see the size of these new Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors next to other popular 28mm miniature manufacturers such as Victrix Miniatures, Northstar Miniatures and Games Workshop. Looking very similar in size and it should not be a problem in mixing these miniatures in the same armies or as opposing forces.

The Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Conclusion

As you may have noticed during the review, I'm very impressed by the quality and design of these hard-plastic and multi-part fantasy skeleton warriors by Wargames Atlantic. These particular miniatures are their first miniature release and they have already reached a production quality not often seen with new companies and in some cases even with well-established companies.

When seeing the small sprues I was thinking that this would result in a small amount of components and a very limited amount of available poses but I was wrong. This kit offers a very good amount of dynamic poses and a decent assortment of weaponry and equipment, spread over a total of eight identical sprues even allowing you to construct fully armed units with the same weapons. The scale of these miniatures is in line with popular heroic 28mm miniatures as produced by Northstar Miniatures (Oathmark and Frostgrave ranges) and Games Workshop to name a couple.

So if you're looking for some decent and affordable skeleton miniatures for your tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures, search no further as these mythological skeletons are certainly among the best plastic skeletons currently available on the wargame miniature market. You can purchase these miniatures directly from Wargames Atlantic or local distributors and retaillers for £25.00 or $34.95.

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Disclaimer - We received these miniatures from Wargames Atlantic for reviewing purposes. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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