Friday, June 22, 2018

Slug Industries: 28mm Wargaming - Spanish Fort Kickstarter

Slug Industries launched their second pirate themed Kickstarter, this time featuring a magnificent Spanish Fort for the Spanish Main, Seven Years War, War of Spanish Succession, Napoleonics, Sharpe, Hornblower and Pirates!

Playing pirate games I really wanted some fortifications, the star fort is the ideal but it's too large for an average sized table. So I set around looking for smaller options and discovered the rather brilliant and fascinating Fort Matanzas, which is small but elegant none the less, and sits on the edge of the Matanzas river to this day.

I've modelled it with a few gentle liberties, plus 1147 hand carved and textured pieces of stone work, but it can still dominate the table top without taking up most of the gaming area, and is also suited to being on a coast firing at enemy ships. It's 185mm (7.28in) x 185mm (7.28in) x 175mm (6.88in) tall. There's room for four cannons on the gun deck... Check the Kickstarter here

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