Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Long Face Games: Si Vis Pacem - Fast Play World War One Naval Wargaming Rules and Clash of Giants Campaign

Long Face Games: Based on LFG's "Broadside and Salvo", Si Vis Pacem is a set of fast play naval wargaming rules designed to enable the largest battles of World War One, including Jutland, to be played and finished in a day. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (“If you desire peace, prepare for war”) was the motto of the Royal Navy at the time of the Great War.

Long Face Games: Based on extensive historical research, Clash of Giants provides the naval wargamer with everything they need to fight the battle of Jutland, either as a battle or as a mini-campaign. Clash of Giants has been written for use with LFG's "Si Vis Pacem" WW1 naval rules, but is adaptable for use with any set of naval rules covering the period. As well as the main campaign book the set inclues three separate anexes containihg charts, order sheets and ship data

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