Thursday, June 14, 2018

Admiralty Miniatures: Deathspitter Blunderbusses Released!

Admiralty Miniatures: Swedish company Admiralty Miniatures has released evil dwarf blunderbusses, sculpted by Jon Horsleben, for all your shooting dwarf needs. Check their Etsy Shop here

Recently, Admiralty Miniatures released a conversion kit of harrowed orc slave heads and accompanying cruel taskmasters. Other products include an elf heavy archer, alien heads, as well as smallscale ships, 28mm diorama characters and wall relief plates in a fantasy Babylonian style.

This company also sport a budding 15mm range of evil dwarfs: Tjublings! Sculpted by the renowned Chaos Dwarf hobbyist Tobias Torstensson, alias Tjub. As you can see, Admiralty Miniatures cater to niches within a niche hobby. Who knows what may come next?

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