Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Steel Fist Miniatures: New 28mm Samurai Miniatures!

Steel Fist Miniatures: New 28mm Samurai from Steel Fist Miniatures. New figures for our 28mm Sengoku Range now in stock and available to order.

The new packs are:

SAM 08 – Samurai fighting
SAM 09 – Samurai with bows and arquebuse
SAM 10 – Samurai standing ready
ASH 11 – Ashigaru - teppo firing line preparing
DYMO 12 – Daiymo mounted on horse, with heads for Fukishima Masanori and Kato Yoshihaki

As usual all figures come with separate heads to maximise build options.

We also have new weapons packs:

SDW 18 – Katana
SDW 19 – Yari and hand weapons

New and existing models can be purchased from us at

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For the rest of 2018 we’ll be focussing on our Italian Wars Range.

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