Monday, May 14, 2018

Hexy Models: Hard City Miniature Board Game Kickstarter - Plastic Police Cars, More Mutants and More Stretch Goals!

Hexy Models added some interesting normal and social media stretch goals to their popular Hard City Miniature Board Game Kickstarter including the already announced FUBAR mutant, new episode cutscenes and a plastic Police Car!

The Hard City Police Department is here to serve you and listens to the citizens' voice! Persuaded by your feedback, we decided to make adjustments to our Stretch Goals. FUBAR's attack is closer than ever before, and this big green miniature will be added to each core box as soon as we reach $50 000, then you will get new cutscenes for each Episode at $55 000. Following your comments, we also got rid of the cardboard Police Car, adding an awesome plastic Police Car model to every Civilian Set at $60 000. Check the full Kickstarter here

There is even more good news, are you ready? We are launching Social Stretch Goals today! The first task for you is to share this image on Facebook at least 50 times. What's the reward? Color artwork on Skill cards. The current version is inspired by black and white comic book sketches, but if you want it in full color, show it to us by sharing the FB post and we will make our artists do it! Share your love for our game with others! Like our fanpage, join the official FB group, follow us on Twitter and add the game to your BoardGameGeek wishlist. Let's make Hard City streets a safer place together.

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