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Fogou Models: The Razorback Shack and Barrow Entrance Scenery Reviewed!

Today we will check out some Fogou Models scenery pieces from their lovely post-apocalyptic, historical and fantasy scenery ranges which feature all sorts of really nicely detailled tabletop miniature terrain pieces. In the following review we will take a closer look at the Razorback Shack and the fantasy Barrow Entrance.

Fogou Models is the new tabletop wargaming venture of owner and creative modeller, Christopher. Fogou Models currently sells both post apocalyptic and fantasy scenery although the latter is also suited for historical settings and other purposes. The terrain range is designed and produced to fit with both 28mm and heroic 28mm miniatures catering for the two most popular wargaming scales currently available on the market. The scenery pieces are cast in Jesmonite, which is a composite of gypsum powder and acrylic resin. This is very strong and can be carved, filled, drilled, sanded as with other resins and plasters. If I'm not mistaken Christopher was also the previous owner of Pardulon Models which sold all kind of neat wargame scenery and miniatures. The Pardulon Models range was recently sold to Crooked Dice Games and looks like Fogou Models is the new creative outlet for the former owner.

The Razorback Shack

Today we will take a look at the lovely The Razorback Shack from their growing post apocalyptic range which features several detailled shacks, scenic pieces such as barrels and junk barricades. The start of this scenery range allows you to build a small post apocalyptic hamlet or desolate space frontier town such as seen in Firefly and Star Wars to name a couple of iconic science fiction universes. As mentionned before this piece is scaled for both 28mm and heroic 28mm miniature ranges.

Looking at the received The Razorback Shack I was really impressed by the design, look and detail of the building. The shack really looks like a hastily made shelter, constructed from all sorts of materials such as corrugated steel sheets, concrete bricks and wood. As you might have noticed the piece is supplied in two pieces, the actual shack and the removable roof easily allowing you to place miniatures inside. The shack is therefor detailled at the exterior and interior allowing you to also use the interior for skirmish wargames and roleplaying adventures.  The mixture of the used textures will make the painting of the building really easy as you can easily drybrush and wash the detailled surfaces. The building is cast in the Jesmonite, a casting material that I hadn't handled before but actually really felt like a mixture between plaster and resin to give you an impression of the feel. Miniature shown in the pictures below is a 28mm sized Games Workshop Lord of The Rings Morannon Orc.

The Barrow Entrance

The other terrain piece I have received is the Barrow Entrance which can easily be used in multiple fantasy and historical settings but can also find its way on the tabletop battlefield serving as a primitive science fiction structure. The fantasy and historical range includes all sorts of natural stone build structures for which the creator used hand casted plaster bricks, sanded to shape to build the original master scenery pieces. Quite a labor intensive work but certainly worth the effort looking at the achieved details. Due to the use of individidual stones, the detail is superb and will again take drybrushing and washing techniques very well along with offering a great surface for practising some weathering techniques.

The Barrow Entrance is build out of these natural looking stones with three large stones forming the actual entrance to an underground structure. This specific piece is actually designed to be modelled into a hill to recreate a burial mound or dungeon entrance and I'm already looking forward in building such a cool scenery piece for my fantasy and historical scenery collection! The piece is also cast in the before mentionned Jesmonite material and comes with almost no visible airbubbles. Miniature shown in the picture below is a 28mm sized Games Workshop Lord of The Rings Morannon Orc.


Whether you're looking to recreate a derelict post apocalyptic hamlet, remote science fiction frontier post or a fantasy village. Fogou Models has scenery pieces that fit each of these tabletop settings with great ease. The overall quality of both the models and the actual casting is superb, while the number of buildings already available allows you to create entire villages without using the same buildings over and over again. So if you're looking for some nice scenery pieces for your tabletop miniature wargames, roleplaying adventures or figure dioramas make sure to check out Fogou Models here

Disclaimer - We received these scenery pieces for reviewing purposes from Fogou Models. Please note that this doesn't influence our review as we always strive to supply you with our own independent and honest opinion about the wargame products reviewed.

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