Monday, August 21, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls - Plastic Modular Dungeon Scenery Box Content Preview

Manorhouse Workshop: Today we’ll talk about the contents of our 2 Forgotten Halls boxes Beyond the Door & Eerie Silence which will be seen on our next Kickstarter. To illustrate the contents perfectly, nothing’s better than a quick video, which shows the huge amount of pieces contained in both boxes. See below

That’s right, all in all, the number of pieces of Beyond the Door & Eerie Silence number 299! This is without counting quite a good number of pins to connect safely and perfectly all our pieces, and numerous freebies that will be unlocked in the Kickstarter! The gaming terrain you just admired in the video is one of the thousands combinations doable with our gaming pieces. Manorhouse Workshop wants to give you the possibility to create awesome structures and buildings from the start of our Kickstarter, with just these 2 boxes! Just imagine what you could reach by adding more boxes!

This box will allow you to create dungeons, rooms, corridors … Inside, 9 dynamic floors (100x100x10 mm. each) will allow you to create a terrain area up to 30×30 cm.(around 1’x1′). If however you put those dynamic floors one after another, you can reach a length of 90cm of corridors.
This is however just the beginning: those same floors can be used to create multiple different floors besides plain stone floors : canals, sewers, and more. This is done by taking out and moving around the floors inserts of our dynamic floors, allowing you to build a near infinity of different floors of your liking. Walls get also a lot of love, thanks to our Dynamic Wall concept (an original idea of MHW): our walls (100x56mm and 60x56mm) can have a variety of wall inserts allowing you to get 6 different walls with just 2 pieces! Beyond the Door also follows a very dear policy of MHW: the perfect-looking result, with the best definition and result possible. This is shown too with our covers, that can be used to hide the connecting holes of our walls and pillars, giving Forgotten Halls a finished realistic look never seen around. This doesn’t stop here : several accessories, like columns, braziers, and wall supports will be inside to support and ornate your walls. Gargoyle miniature by Zealot Miniatures

Eerie Silence: This box will allow you to spread and increase your dungeon / building upstairs and downstairs. As you can see this box has quite a different content from Beyond the Door and introduces quite a few new pieces. First of all, the possibility to move upstairs or downstairs with movable stairs, to be put easily wherever you wish. The greatest peculiarity of our stairs is their « 2 in 1 » characteristics: by just inserting the steps in a different way, you can decide whether to have Gaming Stairs (where miniatures can be fixed into them) or Diorama Stairs (for the best possible overall looking result). A new addition is also our new double face floors (2 mm of thickness), one of 100×60 mm and another one of 60×60 mm. Those floors will allow you to build upper floor corridors, wood or stone. Thanks to our innovative system and our floor supports, you will be able to take out those floors with ease, allowing you to reach into lower floors and play with your miniatures there. No need to take out a whole upper floor every time you want to play at a lower floor. Those floors will also allow you to build a plethora of different terraces, opening options for your creativity. To give a finishing touch, you will get two balconies (100mm and 60mm long), small pillars and columns (30mm high), which will allow you to create bridges of various sizes very easily, even between buildings.

We’re speaking about two whole boxes of goodies, and this is just the start of the Kickstarter! What about the price? Well, we can assure you it’s lower than you are thinking. More information on the matter will be written in a future update. Sorry to keep you waiting. That’s all for now, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask us any information about these 2 Forgotten Hall boxes!

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