Monday, August 14, 2017

Lucid Eye Publications: Savage Core Pulp Skirmish Rules

Lucid Eye Publications released their Savage Core skirmish rules in which warring clans and heroes wage savage warfare in primitive lands. These rules are accompanied with a cool miniature range.

28mm pulp skirmish rules for battles beneath the surface of the Earth. A5 book pages - 5.8 x 8.3 (inches). 87 pages. full colour, tables, artwork and lore with charts and online support. For 2+ players, miniatures and dice not included. Savage Core is a fast play, competitive set of skirmish rules set in a primal land of savage warfare where clans battle for survival. Mature readers only, mature themes of primitive warfare.

Lucid Eye Publications are now selling the full range of Savage Core miniatures! Including any new releases, as well as miniatures and books for other Lucid products. Recently, this task has been handled by Warlord Games who have looked after the range expertly, and we thank them for this, Warlord have been a great help. We have currently secured presence at shows and conventions around the UK, (details of which will be announced in due course), as well as certain trade outlets both here and abroad. Of course, all of the products will be available direct from us also. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at the usual address and trade enquiries are welcome. We hope you will join us in our excitement at this evolutionary step and, as always, keep those Lucid Eyes peeled! The range is now available here.

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