Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kabuki Models: Stand Alone Monghol Guard Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at the Monghol Guard multi-part miniature kit from the Kabuki Models Stand Alone miniature range. 

As with most of the miniatures currently produced by Kabuki Models in this range, this particular model is casted in white metal and is sold as a multi-part miniature kit. Kabuki Models is an Italian wargame manufacturer dedicated in bringing highly-detailled large scale miniatures into the market including a neat mix of science fiction and fantasy figures.

The packaging

The Monghol Guard miniature kit is supplied in a sturdy hard-plastic blister further packaged with foam inserts to prevent possible damage. The miniature arrived in good condition but suffered from a broken horn on the resin scenic base. This however was quickly solved as the break was clean and easy to repair with some model glue. The blister is also illustrated with some very nice artwork of the Monghol Guard miniature which can ideally be used as a painting reference.

The content

As previously mentionned this miniature kit comes in multiple parts which are both white metal and resin. As you can see in the picture below the miniature kit comes in the following figure parts: plastic round base, resin scenic base insert, body, head, pair of arms, pair of shoulder pads, fur cape, weapon hand, hair and pistol holster. The casting quality of these pieces is superb with only minimal cleaning needed to removed some very small casting lines.

The assembly

The assembly of this particular kit looked daunting for me as I normally only buy either metal miniatures which need no assembly or are multipart plastics. But assembly of this miniature was actually quite straight forward using the pictures on the Kabuki Models website as guidelines.

The miniature was assembled without the use of pinning with exception of attaching the body to the resin scenic base which in my opinion really needed some sturdy pinning. So using my trusty pin vice drill and a paperclip, this was fixed in less than ten minutes. The further assembly was done using the Army Painter model glue without much hassle as all parts fitted perfectly. The full miniature assembly including minimal cleaning, probably took less than half an hour.

The assembled miniature

Here are some pictures of the assembled Kabuki Models - Monghol Guard miniature from some different angles as it was difficult to get good pictures due to his hunching pose. Looking at these pictures I'm really looking forward in using this impressing miniature on the tabletop. Also a quick note that this miniature is substantially larger than my other wargaming miniatures as it's scaled 40mm and is probably more suited to be used as a display piece for more talented and experienced model painters. But that said it doesn't feel fragile at all so it would certainly survive some intensive tabletop use!

The painted model

I also decided to include this nicely painted version of the Monghol Guard showing which stunning details can be revealed by painting up this highly-detailled model. This picture was kindly borrowed from the Kabuki Models website.

The conclusion

As you have read in this review, this particular model is really worth getting as the detail and casting is superb. Probably the best way to enjoy this great miniature kit is to assemble it and paint it up as a display piece for your display cabinet if you're a talented or experience painter. 

But in my case it will certainly be used in some way on the tabletop. Battling with either fierce demons from another dimension or slaying epic monsters at the far flung edges of the known world! If you're interested in grabbing this excellent Monghol Guard miniature for only €9.00 or any of the other nice highly-detailled miniatures from Kabuki Models take a look here. Thanks for reading and hopefully you found this review useful! 

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