Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wargames Terrain Workshop: Dragon Pool Reviewed!

Today we will take a closer look at one of the more recent releases of Wargames Terrain Workshop, the Dragon Emerging From Pool terrain piece. Wargames Terrain Workshop is British based company which offers a range of highly durable, finely detailed modular terrain gaming boards and resin cast scatter scenery, suitable for fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames. Next to this they also make custom terrain pieces and have a full model sculpting service. I have also recently written another review covering his other dragon terrain which you can find here.

Delivery and packaging

First a bit more about the delivery and packaging as ordering resin terrain is always a bit tricky especially when ordering abroad as resin is prone to be damaged during the delivery. I was very pleased with the service from Wargames Terrain Workshop as the scenery arrived within a week from the United Kingdom and was also very well-protected using a large amount of foam and bubble-wrap. 

The Dragon Pool

Many adventurers have been taken by surprise by a vast mysterious creature that calls the lonely murky pool his ancient home! The Dragon Pool is a nice terrain piece to add to your fantasy terrain collection as either a decorative piece or a nice objective for your stout adventurers. As you can see in the pictures this terrain piece is cast in resin with the actual dragon being casted in grey resin and the pool in a nice transparant blue resin.

The pool part of the terrain piece is nicely decorated with a frog and some stones. The water has also some sculpted waves where the dragon emerges from the pool. The casting on the pool is crisp with no flash to be noticed. My only remark is the rather large scratch in the water surface which would need some attention when you want a flat and calm water surface.

The actual dragon is casted in two pieces, the body and the head. The casting on the dragon body is crisp with no flash and excellent detailled scales. The dragon head has more flash because of the spikes which probably make the casting much more difficult. In the example that I have received the spikes weren't casted well and the owner has resculpted them with greenstuff! That's some great service but I'm sure the mould will be redone to solve these issues as resculpting every casting seems a daunting task. Note that the head in the picture above is solely attached with blue tack.

Here's a picture that shows all the elements in one picture, the painted example was painted by Wargames Terrain Workshop. This nice and unique terrain piece is now available for only £9.00 in the Wargames Terrain Workshop. Interested in this piece or other affordable terrain pieces for your miniature terrain collection, take a look here and when you decide to buy make sure to mention our review on Wargame News and Terrain!

The conclusion

This rather unusual terrain piece is a nice addition for your terrain collection as it has a good price-quality balance. The terrain piece is well-casted with the exception of the dragon head where some spikey parts were resculpted by the talented owner. To be honest, you receive a nice amount of resin for your money as the piece is sold for only £9.00. It can also be bought readily painted for £16.20 if you don't have the time to paint it yourself. If you're interested in this piece and others, please take a look here.

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