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Wargames Terrain Workshop: Dragon Egg Nest and Dragon Graveyard Scenery Reviewed!

Today we will take a look at the resin dragon scenery made by Wargames Terrain Workshop. Wargames Terrain Workshop is British based company which offers a range of highly durable, finely detailed modular terrain gaming boards and resin cast scatter scenery, suitable for fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames. Next to this they also make custom terrain pieces and have a full model sculpting service. For this review we will take a closer look at their excellent dragon scenery range which currently contains a dragon egg nest and dragon graveyard. Another addition to this range is announced and will be a dragon emerging from a pool!

Delivery and packaging

First a bit more about the delivery and packaging as ordering resin terrain is always a bit tricky especially when ordering abroad as resin is prone to be damaged during the delivery. I was very pleased with the service from Wargames Terrain Workshop as the scenery arrived within four days from the United Kingdom and was also very well-protected using a large amount of foam and bubble-wrap. Next to this the outside of the box was also taped with fragile marked tape ensuring that your postman knows he may not throw the box around.

The dragon egg nest and dragon graveyard

As mentionned previously we will take a look at the resin dragon scenery which is readily available through the Wargames Terrain Workshop webstore. We will first of all take a look at the dragon egg nest which is ideal to be added to your fantasy collection as either an objective or decorative piece. The amount of flash and bubbles on this resin piece was minimal but as always with resin terrain you will need to remove some excess resin. Also note when you intend to paint resin terrain you will always need to rinse the piece with hot soapy water to remove the casting agent. I'm still thinking if I will paint the piece in a normal finish using static grass and brown tones to represent summer/spring or will choose for a winter finish which would look great in my opinion.

As you can see in the picture above, the nest actually exists out of a large earthen base with a rocky nest in the center of the piece. This rocky nest contains eight dragon or other monster eggs with one of the eggs being recently hatched by a young dragon which you can see in the picture below. The detail of both the eggs and young dragon is great and will surely be a joy to paint. I was also impressed by the texture and look of the rocks as they look so life-like and are also well-cast without any sign of bubbles and flash.

I have added a picture of the dragon egg nest with an 28mm scaled miniature. As you can see this is quite a large piece of terrain ready to enhance your tabletop with a bit of paint and static grass. Gather your fierce monsters and stout adventurers as this piece screams to be used in a heroic wargame! This nice nest can now be bought for £6.00 which is a very competitive price and the piece is surely worth it.

The second terrain piece is the largest piece of resin I have in my collection as it measures an astounding 30x15cm! The dragon graveyard has become my personal favorite as the detail and finish of this piece is excellent. As you can see in the pictures the piece exists out of a large base decorated with a large dragon skeleton and another dragon skull along with several rocks and bones.

I have also taken some pictures of the dragon graveyard to illustrate the detail and finish of the piece. As with the dragon egg nest, the casting is good with a minimal amount of air bubbles and flash. The only issue I had with this piece is that some small bits were broken of the edge of the piece. This isn't a very big issue as this will most certainly be covered with either static grass or model snow. In the following pictures you can see a small lizard which is a nice touch of detail, a picture of the individual dragon skull and a picture of the dragon skeleton.

Note that this piece is also supplied with three individually cast horns which need to be glued on the skeleton and the separate skull. I have added a picture of these horns so you can expect how you receive this piece of scenery when you decide to order it. The best thing about this terrain piece is that it can be ordered for only £11.00 which is in my humble opinion a bargain for such a large piece.


As you have read, I was very pleased with these scenery pieces from Wargames Terrain Workshop in both terms of quality and price. Next to their nice products they also offer a very good delivery which insures that you receive your terrain pieces fast and more importantly in good condition. You can now order these this scenery and much more directly at their webshop. Also make sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming new dragon terrain piece!

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