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Hallowed Ground Terrain: 15mm Vietnam Terrain Range Reviewed!

Today we will review the new 15mm Vietnam terrain range by company called Hallowed Ground Terrain. This large range is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign of which you can find more information here. I have also added some more information here for your convenience.

"Hallowed Ground Terrain is proud to introduce our Kickstarter launch campaign. We plan on producing the world's largest selection of 15mm Vietnam terrain, and a completely new edition of the classic Vietnam miniature wargame, "Free Fire Zone." Our terrain list will kick off with 60+ pieces of terrain, Vietnam-themed objectives, and accessories and is on a pace to top 100 pieces by the end of 2014. And the best part is, all of it will be made and painted in the USA. 

The centerpiece of our terrain line will be a highly detailed, modular 25 piece resin firebase set authentically recreated from declassified records and accounts of veterans who served on them. This modular set may be completely customized and expanded to whatever size you have the room for. Not only the firebase perimeter and bunkers are included, but also the interior structures commonly found on these remote outposts. Next to this you can also pledge for boats, jungle huts and more!"

The review

For this review I have received some samples of the products that can be chosen during the Kickstarter campaign. These samples included a nice variety of native river boats, fortifications and bunkers but also a rather nice destroyed American armoured personnel carrier. 

Before we continue the review I will first of all share some information about the delivery of the products. As mentionned in other reviews ordering resin is always a bit taking a risk as you never know if your items will arrive in one piece especially when buying abroad. I'm pleased to say that the samples that I received arrived in pristine condition as each of the items was packed extremely well using a good amount of bubble-wrap.

Another note that I need to mention is that some of the pieces that I have received were pre-production pieces and are casted in a variety of resins. The pieces that will be supplied through the Kickstarter or their webstore will be casted in the dark grey pigmented resin as most of the items I will review. The first piece we will take a look at is this nice command post bunker which is also my favorite of the bunch. I like the look and the detail of this scenery piece as it really looks like the real deal with a huge amount of sandbags in several layers to protect this vital point in a fire base. As you can see in the pictures I have added a 15mm Battlefront Miniatures miniature to give you an idea of the scale.

The second piece is this fire base artillery position which looks ideal to equipped with some heavy artillery. This piece exists out of a fortified artillery platform along with some small sandbag fortified bunkers to store ammunition and shelter crew when attracting some nasty counter fire. As you can see in the pictures this piece is extremely well detailled with a wide variety of barrels and boxes along with the nicely decorated bunkers. In the pictures you can also see a standard Flames of War sized infantry base for size comparison.

Another interesting piece is this mine damaged apc which adds some nice detail to your table and some additionnal cover. The detail and casting on this piece is also great as with all of the other pieces already reviewed and coming up.

Next up are a small fleet of civilian boats This set represents the style of civilian (or disguised VC....) boats that would be found on the Mekong River or any of the thousands of miles of other rivers found in Vietnam. A nice touch is that guys behind Hallowed Ground Terrain will also be supplying the destroyed and sinking versions of these boats. One of these versions is already on the Kickstarter page and can also be seen in the second picture along with its normal version. 

The following pieces are part of the modular fire base perimeter. As everything is so nicely explained on their kickstarter page I have decided to copy this interesting bit here: Hallowed Ground Terrain's modular firebase is designed to allow you to recreate any size firebase you'd like, and let you customize it to suit your taste. 

The perimeter of the firebase consists of 3 types of pieces: Corner sections, full wall sections, and half-wall sections.  Each firebase set needs 5 corner sections, all of which are bunkers.  In between each of these you can place as many of the wall sections as you wish to expand it's size.  The only limitation is that you place the same total length between each of the 5 corner sections.  This allows them to all come together and fit. For example, if you place 3 full wall sections & 1 half wall section between two corner bunkers, you have to place the same amount between all of them to get the firebase to close properly.

Here's picture of another nicley detailled bunker which is designed to be used within the fire base perimeter. I'm not sure if this bunker is designed as an command post or artillery control bunker but never the less this piece is also one of my personal favorites. As you can see this bunker fits the Flames of War base size very well and is surely worth being added to your 15mm terrain collection.

The conclusion

If you are in need of some great-looking and top-notch terrain to fit your 15mm Vietnam collection, you should surely consider Hallowed Ground Terrain. These friendly lads do not only offer great value for your money but also take pride in producing all their items in the United States. By producing these items themselves they can ensure good quality items at very competitive prices. If you're interested in purchasing some of these terrain pieces which you can also buy pre-painted by the way, you should visit their ongoing Kickstarter and pledge or wait untill their webstore is launched.

Dozens of other reviews can easily be found here and make sure to follow this blog as more reviews, tutorials and wargame news appears every day!

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