Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wargamer Company: By Fire and Sword 15mm Cossack Rabble Reviewed!

This is review was made as part of a cooperation between Mighty Miniatures and Wargames News and Terrain regarding the publishing of wargame related reviews. Mighty Miniatures is is a one-man wargaming venture consisting of a modelling and review site plus a second hand market. By this cooperation we can offer you interesting reviews about wargame products of scales and genres we currently don't play and also as experienced by another seasoned wargamer. As these reviews were originally made by the Tomasz over at Mighty Miniatures I cannot answer questions regarding the reviewed products but if you have questions, please comment and I will forward the question to Tomasz. 

Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer Company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around to write this review. For 16.50 pounds from North Star miniatures (along with Wayland Games one of the official distributors of the game in UK) you get nice looking cardboard box. Inside there are 36 foot models plus 12 metal bases, enough for a decent sized unit. As with other Wargamer Company sets for that game, you also get colourful banners, ready to be attached to your figures. 

Ok, let’s talk about models themselves. There are few unique poses, so of course there are some repetitions, but nothing too bad. Models are quite characterful and nicely sculpted. There was fair bit of flash to clean off, which I didn’t notice on other sets, so perhaps it is a problem of earlier batches, but cleaning so many models in 15mm was slightly annoying.

My main issue was with the weapons. There are on separate sprue and offer good variety of primitive looking improvised killing tools. However they are simply too thick and placing them in model’s hands makes it look bit weird. That is really my main problem with this boxed set. Other cossack sets didn’t seem to suffer from same issue, but I was slightly dissapointed with this particular box, especially after rulebook set such a high standards for the entire range. All in all still worth buying, but don’t get too exicted.

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