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Mantic Games: The Basilean Legacy - A Kings of War Supplement Reviewed!

I have recently downloaded the new Kings of War supplement which covers the rules and statistics for the new Basilean human faction of Mantic Games. I have played several short games of Kings of War in the past and bought some starter armies and was wondering if these new Basilean miniatures would be a nice force to collection as an addition to my undead and elf armies. I was browsing the Wargame Vault website looking for some new rule sets and decided to download The Basilean Legacy supplement. I decided to do a small review of this supplement so you get an idea of what you can find inside.

The Basilean Legacy Supplement

This new supplement is called The Basilean Legacy and exists out of 68 pages filled with an abundance of great pictures showcasing the new Basilean models including the Sisterhood mounted on panthers and the glorious Paladin knights. A large part of this supplement consists out of a detailled history of Basilea including the culture, major cities, important events and a nice map to situate the realm within Mantica.

The following sections contain the most useful information for playing Kings of War as they contain three army lists based on the Basilean background along with their main allies and adversaries. The first army list is the Hegemony of Basilea and focused on the vast human armies of Basilea which are based on your typical medieval army spiced with some mythological creatures such as panther mounts and chariots mounted by the mystical Sisterhood flanked by the powerful Elohi or angels. 

I must say this is my favorite list of the supplement as it allows you to field nice dense blocks of armoured men at arms alongside Paladin knights spiced up with some additionnal battle power in the form of Elohi and Phoenixes. This army list also allows you to field a new series of powerful heroes ready to halt the dreaded Forces of the Abyss and other forces of evil.

The second army list gives you the opportunity to field the powerful Forces of Nature which enable you to field the units of Centaurs, Dryads, Gnomes and Tree Herders among all sorts of other mystical woodland inhabitants. The army list also gives you the statistics for a couple of heroes to lead your woodland realm army into battle.

The third army list is based around the evil neighbours of the Basileans which are called the Forces of the Abyss as their stronghold is situated in an Abyss in the north-east of Basilea. This army list gives you the opportunity to field legions of dreaded Gargoyles, Molochs, Behemots and fiends among other fearsome Abyss dwellers. This army list also contains a couple of heroes which are named the Abyssal Champion and The Unnamable which provide some additionnal power to your chosen army.

The last section of the supplement contains new spells for your wizards and around 30 new magical artifacts to enrichen your units and characters in your Kings of War battles. In addition to the new magic rules, the final section also contains some information on how to create and compose your unique army along with some ideas to add an interesting story or background to your army.

The conclusion

To conclude I can only say that this expansion is a must for everybody looking to add some human armies to his Kings of War collection. This supplement not only contains the necessary army lists but also gives a great background of the Basilean faction with plenty of ideas for new battles and campaigns. If this isn't enough you also find a whole new array of spells and artifacts for your existing armies along with dozens of great pictures to give you painting scheme ideas or urge you to paint up your own armies. This supplement is now available at the Wargame Vault for only €3,67, note you will need the Kings of War rulebook or quick play rules to play the actual game.

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