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Just 28mm: 28mm Post-Apocalyptic Scavenger Reviewed!

This is review was made as part of a cooperation between From Warsaw with Wargames and Wargames News and Terrain regarding the publishing of wargame related reviews. By this cooperation we can offer you interesting reviews about wargame products of scales and genres we currently don't play and also as experienced by another seasoned wargamer. As these reviews were originally made by Ignacy over at From Warsaw with Wargames I cannot answer questions regarding the reviewed products but if you have questions, please comment and I will forward the question to Ignacy. Let's take a look at nice and unique miniatures from Just 28mm, a small new miniatures with serious potential looking at his 28mm sculpts.

Hello, everybody! Today we'll take a look at one of the first two minis by Foliescu, an amateur sculptor who recently started to sell his sculpts under the name Just 28mm. The mini represents an older man in warm clothing and with a bag on his back... And I swear it's a coincidence I'm reviewing him just after Christmas. Though I doubt that his bag is full of presents. It rather contains all his belongings, necessary to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Post-apo Guy is a one-piece, 28mm resin miniature of an older male scavenger armed with a pipe in his left hand, a bag in his right one and some rope wrapped around his torso. The miniature had some mould lines, especially between his legs and under his arms, but these were easily removed with a modelling knife. Additionally, I noticed two small (less than 1mm) air bubbles, which I quickly filled with putty. Apart from these, there were no more casting issues - kudos to Pryzmek from histofigsy, who cast the minis.

The sculpting itself is fantastic. I love the different textures for the clothing - creases on the hood, padded vest, fur-like collar. Because of all these clothes, the character is more suitable for colder post-apocalyptic landscapes, rather than the usual desert wastelands. The rope too looks really nice. However, the hook isn't so great - in fact, I think it's the worst (relatively) element of the whole mini. On the other hand, it looks improvised, hand-made, so it suits post-apocalyptic theme quite fine.

Other details - seam on the bag, patch on his left elbow, slightly detached sole of the left boot - make the mini even more interesting and add to the worn-out look. His eyelids are very pronounced, maybe even a bit too much. However, they make him look very tired, fit for a vagrant scavenger.

Putting the mini on the base revealed a slight shortcoming - due to the piece made to fit into the gap in the base, the mini leans to the front and its heels are in the air. But that's no big deal, I'll just pin him to the base. Speaking of the base - it's wooden, laser cut. Its dimensions are identical to the standard 25mm round base, though its sides are not angled and the gap runs exactly in the middle (in case of plastic bases, it's a little to the side).

Scale comparison

I don't have any post-apocalyptic minis to make a comparison (I'd love to see how he scales with Lead Adventure and Neuroshima Tactics minis), so I just grabbed three different figurines. Left to right: Mantic Zombie, CP Models Victorian Labourer, Post-apo Guy, Hasslefree Oakley (I'm in the middle of converting that guy). Though Foliescu describes his mini as 30-32mm, its closer to the 28mm Labourer than the 30mm Oakley. The zombie is surprisingly big (remember that it's not standing straight).

The conclusion

All in all, I think that JSM's Post-apo Guy is a splendid mini, nicely sculpted and full of interesting details. It's a great choice for post-apocalyptic games in colder settings. Alternatively, it might be used as a vagrant in modern games. Foliescu has a number of other post-apo sculpts, and I really hope they'll get cast too (plus he also mentioned making mutated Bark Beetles). Interested, it's available here.

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